Kent Stolt
A Meaningful Part
A biography of my father
A.M. Pfeffer
Of, By, and For the Hanged Man
In a world gone mad it takes a figure of reason to lead us through the mire. The Hanged Man is that figure. The Hanged Man teaches us all how to confront our own personal contradictions in order to overcome this brutal Age of Misinformation. How? A humorous yet unflinching journey to reveal truth, vulnerability, and the common good in all humanity.
Gloria Sloan
Abundant Faith: Secrets to Plenty Traveling on Life's Journey
A narrative blend of daily life experiences in a heartfelt and personal growth memoir. The spiritual guidebook encourages believers to discover their faith for strength and abundance in life.
Jack Dunigan
The #1 Reason Why Authors Do Not Make Enough Money - and what YOU can do to change that
The sad truth about publishing is that most books sell very few copies, not even those from major publishing houses. With today's ready access to publishing, it seems more difficult than ever. The #1 Reason Why Authors Do Not Make Enough Money explores the primary challenge all authors face and provides concrete and detailed answers to change the odds in their favor. If you are thinking about publishing a book, this is a must-read. If you've already published but are not enjoying the rewards of a profitable venture, this is for you, too. Author Jack Dunigan has been publishing successfully for many years. His insights into the publishing industry provide an insider's perspective on why creatives have a difficult time dealing with the nuts and bolts of publishing. This book is not about the craft of writing. You will not find tips and techniques on character development or plot outlines. You will find concrete and proven things to do to beat the odds and increase your chances at a profitable writing business. Here's what you will find inside The #1 Reason Why Authors Do Not Make Enough Money:1. The Real Truth About Publishing Your Book2. Four Truths About Success and What It Means For YOU!3. What Sells4. The Three Questions You Absolutely Must Be Able to Answer5. The First Thing to Do6. Four Steps to Successful and Profitable Writing7. Finding Work8. Bonus chapter – How to avoid scammersReal life examples, live links, and a thorough grounding in the real world of business for creatives makes this a must have book.
Jaws R.
Pharafaneelya Gretchen's Story II Edition
Pharafaneelya, Gretchen's Story, Second Edition takes you into a place of several symbolic mirrors in each chapter-some mirrors are shattered, cold, and pitch-black. These mirrors and doors only accept fresh dead victims. The young victim in this Pharafaneelya story is an unlucky teenage girl whose life has been bent and broken by false mirrors of guidance and lost love. With her virtue taken and forgotten, and soul destroyed. She becomes a resident of the asylum of Pharafaneelya for, to be consumed and integrated into it due to the heinous crimes committed towards her own family. She's doomed to be turned into a Watchman ans forever serve the asylum. She's caught in a looping fragmented dream world of dreams, dreams which are forever monitored by manipulating prying eyes.
Deborah A. Olson
The Healing Power of Girlfriends: How to Create Your Best Life Through Female Connection
Women thrive on connection, and research studies continue to show that we are happier and healthier when we share close connections with other women. In this engaging combination of personal anecdotes, scientific research, and therapeutic advice, you'll learn:
*why connection, communication, and intimacy are the three pillars of healthy friendships.
*how friendship between women leads to longevity, health, happiness, and well-being.
*why some friendships are only for a specific "season or reason."
*how the Olson Friendship Framework can help you understand the levels of all your friendships from casual to intimate.
*tips for nurturing your current friendships and creating new ones.

Each chapter also includes a list of thought-provoking discussion questions that will help you further examine the heart and soul of your own friendships with women.

The Healing Power of Girlfriends will help you avoid toxic friendships, understand the role expectations play in women's friendships, and learn how power dynamics can hurt or heal these special relationships.
Judy Bebelaar
And Then They Were Gone: Teenagers of Peoples Temple from High School to Jonestown
Of the 918 Americans who died in the shocking murder-suicides of November 18, 1978, in the tiny South American country of Guyana, a third were under eighteen. More than half were in their twenties or younger. And Then They Were Gone: Teenagers of Peoples Temple from High School to Jonestown begins in San Francisco, at the small school where Reverend Jim Jones enrolled the teens of his Peoples Temple church in 1976. Within a year, most had been sent to what Jones described as a tropical paradise, but which turned out to be a deadly prison camp. Set against the turbulent backdrop of the late 1970s, And Then They Were Gone draws from interviews, books, and articles. Many of the book’s powerful stories are told here for the first time.