Daria Astara
Most Recent Book Title
Right to Petition/Tisdale
Marlena Corcoran
Most Recent Book Title
Year by Year to College
Valerie Foster
Most Recent Book Title
Dancing with a Demon
Book Description
This non-fiction narrative follows a family's story battling to save daughter's life from an eating disorder.
Sharla Ng (center) and The Live Poets Society
Most Recent Book Title
A Quiet Wind Speaks
Book Description
poetry anthology by The Live Poets Society of Boise, Idaho
Scott Coplan
Most Recent Book Title
The Integrator: A Change Management Framework for Achieving Agile IT Project Success
Book Description
When a $145 million IT project failure pushes Los Angeles to the edge of financial meltdown, the County CEO asks Max McLellan, a harried IT project manager, aka The Integrator, for help. The County Board gives Max 30 days to identify the problem and find a solution. At first Max finds the usual missteps, but something bigger and darker beckons, an explosive source of project failure. He must do something different, rattling ghosts of previous County IT failures, uncloaking crookedness, and exposing truths that shatter careers.
Kirstine Keel
Most Recent Book Title
I Left
Book Description
In her memoir, I Left, born into a family of Hollywood glamour, celebrity, and special perks Kirstine Keel experiences a false sense of physical presence in a material world of money and fame. Embedded in this comfortable physical environment comes a hidden history of emotional trauma – repeated patterns of emotional abuse, neglect, and violence inherited from her maternal and paternal generations before.
Portrait - Tad
Most Recent Book Title
HOW TO MASTER THE UNIVERSE: Personal and Professional Life-Skills Guide
Book Description
You are the CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE – the Center of Your Universe.
I am the CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE too – the Center of My Universe.
And every time a child is born, we have a new CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE.

This concept is the foundation for the COTU (Center of the Universe) Principle.
COTU Principle: Every entity is the Center of its own Universe and is motivated by its own survival and success.

The MASTER THE UNIVERSE FORMULA builds upon this principle to provide a three-step process for you to master your personal, interpersonal, and professional lives. Reading this book promises to be one of the most thought-provoking experiences of your life – with concepts, theories, practical applications, and a foundation for further explorations.
“Tad has the real-life sales, marketing, and leadership experience to provide credibility to the techniques he discusses in the business section of his book. He was a trailblazer at Sun Microsystems, where he started the company’s business in nine countries, negotiated one of our largest technology licensing deals, and launched a product that has been licensed to run on tens of billions of chip cards and smartphones. He also demonstrated an early passion for human development when he built and managed the first Sun Field Training organization.”
Scott McNealy - Founder, and CEO of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

"What an accomplishment! Your book is just jam-packed with value, so much interesting information, so much priceless, strategic advice, such a broad range of subjects."
Joshua Hornick - Business Coach

"This book is for all ages - your intention of 20 somethings is spot on and we also all know older people who can benefit from this wisdom"
Donna Carroll - CEO, Alan Carroll & Assoc. (corporate training company)

“. . . what I find interesting is the “Master the Universe Formula”. I feel as if it’s a concrete way to find one’s way in the real world. I also enjoy seeing the personal anecdotes and quotes sprinkled throughout the book. I would recommend it to young teens!”
Matthew Dam – Teenage College Student

“Great read! . . . I've never heard it articulated or formalized in this manner. It's interesting to see it explained in a different light and in a more methodical way, especially defining people/things as their own 'universe'.”
Henry Tran – Principal Engineer, SpaceX