Paula Robinson
The Room Planner: 100 practical plans for your home
Most of us want to improve our homes and increase the value at the same time, but
very few of us have the money to spend on an architect. Paula Robinson offers
a clear vision of the future for our homes and provides all the ideas and practical
information to adapt the space in which you live.

'The Room Planner' is packed with her tricks of the trade along with nearly 200
simplified user-friendly, colour coded plans, illustrations and diagrams which allow you
to pick the designs and layouts most appropriate to your home, be it a terraced house
or contemporary loft.

Apart from focusing on space, this book also deals with other important aspects in redesigning your home, particularly those of colour and shape. As well as exploring how these can make a room look, Paula focuses on the psychological effects and how this knowledge can be used to
your advantage. There is a particularly helpful section on basic tips; from advice on budgeting, to considering how the family pets will cope with the disruption, as well as basics for particular rooms, lighting and furniture.

'The Room Planner' is the perfect book for any homeowner who wants a more hands-on approach to creating their dream home or breathing new life into their existing living space.
Glen A. Blanscet
Lessons from Solomon: Finding True Success in Life
Everyone wants to be successful. The problem, though, is that most people misunderstand what constitutes true success. The world defines success in terms of our accomplishments, the fame and fortune we achieve, and the recognitions we receive, all of which are fleeting and temporary at best. True success, however, is based upon our character, the relationship we have with God, and the glory God receives from our lives. So how do we achieve this level of success?

"Lessons from Solomon" answers this question by looking at the life of King Solomon, a man who not only achieved success by the world's standards but also had--and lost--true success that comes from knowing God. Author Glen Blanscet has penned engaging narrative retellings of King Solomon's story from the Bible, and from King Solomon's story we learn several "success lessons" that we can apply in our own search for true success in life.
Jill Soley
Beyond Product: How Exceptional Founders Embrace Marketing to Create and Capture Value for Their Business
Beyond Product is a practical approachable startup marketing book for non-marketers.

The #1 reason startups fail is the inability to find and reach a market. This isn’t surprising since most founders lack marketing expertise. Beyond Product includes interviews with more than 50 startup veterans and provides a roadmap to help founders leverage marketing to build their ideas into successful businesses. It steps founders through each stage of growth and helps them overcome common obstacles.

Beyond Product is jargon-free. No fluff. Just straight-up actionable advice, interspersed with relatable stories from people who’ve lived it. More info at
Rita Schunk
Surviving the Pink Ribbon: Body and Soul Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors and Co-Survivors
Surviving the Pink Ribbon: Body and Soul Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors and Co-Survivors is a guide for people impacted by breast cancer – whether you have a breast cancer diagnosis, want to help someone who does, or simply want to know more about that journey, this book is for you. Surviving the Pink Ribbon is that experienced friend with straightforward and pragmatic answers for the “what can I do?” and “why don’t they tell you that?” moments you will experience.
“Let me know how I can help” is an oft-repeated phrase offered to those impacted by breast cancer. Frankly, that’s so not helpful to a person fighting cancer. You’re placing the burden of what to do and when on the person who needs help but may be already overwhelmed. Whether you live near someone with breast cancer or are very far away, specific advice is offered on how to help. No need to ask that vague, unhelpful question.
In each chapter of Surviving the Pink Ribbon you walk along during a part of a breast cancer experience. While the medical team focuses on the pathology of the cancer and the medical treatments and options, the “walk along” in each chapter deals with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual impacts of this complex journey.
“Helpful Strands” of specific advice at the end of the chapters are practical aids focused on comfort for body and soul. Diagnosis, treatment planning, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, surgery, and radiation are all covered.
Medical facts, advice, and choices abound during breast cancer. The information is often confusing and overwhelming. Surviving the Pink Ribbon focuses on ways to keep your body as comfortable as possible during treatment and your soul nourished to join in the fight.
Words are offered to feed your mind as well as encourage your spirit.
Sandy Macfarlane
Swirling Currents: Controversy, Compromise and Dynamic Coastal Change
Sharks chasing seals chasing fish, whales close to demise, fisheries reeling, Gulf Stream slowing down - issues constantly in the news. Swirling Currents tells the story behind the headlines in an engaging mix of personal stories and scientific investigations that entertains as well as informs. The topics place the historical challenges and social pressures of managing coastal environments with the needs of an uncertain future as climate change looms above all with potentially grave global consequences.
Take a 21st Century look at a 1st Century doctrine.
The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed
The book explores the chronological development of life as applied through the Trinity. It confronts the reason the doctrine carried the stigma of a mystery for 2000 years and why church leaders and theologians could not provide realistic answers before the 19th Century. The book shows that everything God designed to happen occurred as He purposed it to be -- in His perfect timing, including revealing the so-called mysterious Trinity.
Sonja Brooks
Harvest of the Yam, Pieces of My Soul, 1998 1st edition
An anthology of poetry and prose reflecting the views an African American woman and the experiences of love, heartbreak, hope and celebration.
Denis M Brown
Viva Lasagna: A Socialist Saga
The threat of socialism and the resurgence of the kind of thinking that could lead to the destruction of all we hold dear is threatening the American political landscape.