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Gunnar Helliesen
As yet unnamed - working title "The Jaguar F-Type"
Anthony Todd Arnold
Hoodwinked An American Tragedy in the Era of Donald J. Trump
‘Hoodwinked’ is written for the sole purpose of enlightening the reader about how easy it is to be deceived when a person, a group or a government makes the decision to lie, to alter, or to provide a false narrative to gain the advantage for a desired purpose. Specifically, to change the way you think about something or someone without knowing your thinking changed. The word is also textbook Donald J. Trump, who rose to political prominence promoting the extreme conspiracy propaganda of the racist political group known as the Birthers. Birthers are Caucasian Americans who are devout believers in the doctrine of white supremacy, and the members of this racist group agree that all American political power, all American economic power, and all American military power is their inherent right to control.
Taking time to smell the roses after a mortar attack in Iraq
BAGHDADDY, How Saddam Hussein Taught Me To Be A Better Father
Baghdaddy is Lt. Col. Bill Riley's honest and colorful depiction of his journey through a turbulent youth and into a challenging adulthood. His account offers a view of spies at rest and his journey home from a traumatizing war. Imbued with humanity, it provides staggering and rarely-seen insight into the U.S.'s stationing in the Middle East during the reign of Saddam Hussein
"Lessons Learned: My 30 Years As A Woman in the United States Marine Corps"
'The Transformation of Women in the USMC (1973 - 2003) and How The USMC Transformed Me'
Graphic Design Solutions, 6e
Graphic Design Solutions, 6th edition
Graphic Design Solutions is more than a book—it’s pedagogy—it’s any educator’s rich instructional resource. I provide an instructor’s manual, syllabus, teaching methodology, rubric, PowerPoint presentations, and quizzes that complement challenging exercises and projects for several core courses—including Graphic Design 1 & 2, Type 1, Identity Design, and Advertising Design. Basic design principles for courses in poster design, book cover design, motion, web and mobile design are also included. Graphic Design Solutions, 6th edition, is the most comprehensive textbook and reference on graphic design for print and screen media.

Looking for Revolution, Finding Murder: The Crimes & Transformation of Katherine Ann Power (Paragon Fall 2019)
Katherine Power’s story has all the drama of a true-crime book. This is not a true-crime book. It is a biography of a conscience. It traces an evolution from good Catholic girl, to idealistic antiwar activist, to gun-toting revolutionary, to unwitting accomplice to murder, to longtime fugitive, to voluntary but defiant prisoner, to woman transformed in the autumn of her life.
Karl Weber
A World of Three Zeroes
Co-authored with Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, this book describes the failures of traditional capitalism and describes a new vision of how "social business" can dramatically reduce poverty, solve the problem of unemployment, and protect the environment.
Patrice Williams Marks
Most Recent Nonfiction: So, You Want to be a Sensitivity Reader?
Whether you call them Sensitivity Readers, Diversity Editors or Targeted Beta Readers; their goals are the same: to add authenticity to manuscripts, scripts, marketing materials, gaming storylines which feature marginalized groups... and it's a booming business in need of trained individuals LIKE YOU.
Subhamay Dutta(Researcher)
Rabindranath:srijaner bahubarna
In this book contents about the humanist and literature approach of Nobel winner world poet rabindranath Tagore.there is account ten essays about tagore like as Humanitarian thoughts,literature,education
And spiritual thinking.this book was written in Bengali.