Anderson Crispim
The Nearly Ultimate Guide to Successful Publishing
Todd Edwards
Standing Naked at 10 Below: Exposing Your Product in the Media
Imagine that you're standing alone, cold and helpless in today's difficult fiscal environment with an enormous amount of stress, frustration and anxiety being compiled upon you, like pressure from a vice as you're being stripped down to nothing but your bare minimum. Now throw into the mix a bit of helpless uncertainty because the bills are starting to pile up and you have no clue how to generate more income in today's extremely difficult economy to make it another day. What's going to be your next move?

• Do you know how to get yourself, your product or your company exposed on the TODAY Show, the Early Show or any other national, regional or local TV news show, magazine, newspaper, radio or blog without the expense of a PR firm?

• Do you have any idea how to get your product, service, message or brand publicized in the media to potential millions for free?

• Are you tired of those bills piling up, afraid you might lose it all with that next important decision?

• Do you know how to write an effective pitch or press release and/or locate any media contact without buying a list?

Come and expose yourself with me!
Brett Wilder
The Quiet Millionaire
Joanie Schirm
Adventurers Against Their Will
Extraordinary WWII Stories about Survival, Escape, and Connection - Unlike Any Others
Linda A Janssen
The Emotionally Resilient Expat: Engage, Adapt and Thrive Across Cultures
Living abroad offers enriching experiences of growth, broadened perspective, enhanced cultural understanding. Yet its transition-rich, change-driven, cross-cultural nature can place considerable demands, leaving us stressed, disconnected, our identity in flux. Building on existing literature and benefitting from recent developments in psychology and brain-body connections, The Emotionally Resilient Expat: Engage, Adapt and Thrive Across Cultures shows the key to successful transitions and beyond lies in emotional resilience to adapt, adjust or simply accept. TERE combines candid personal stories from experienced expats and cross-culturals, with a wealth of practical tools, techniques and best practices from emotional, social and cultural intelligence, positive psychology, mindfulness, stress management, self-care and related areas. Janssen's trademarked FACTORS offers a way to live a healthier, more positive, emotionally engaged, culturally connected global life.
Marie Pearson
Bohemians in the vicinity of Petersburg, Virginia
Czech immigrants began purchasing land in Virginia that had been overgrown and neglected after the civil war having first tried living in the northern and western states. Having followed those immigrant trails, many found that it was not suitable and looked elsewhere for settlements. Virginia offered a milder climate, two growing seasons, and cheap land per acre. Though they struggled due to being alien foreigners, they remained diligent and hard working with little assistance from the native Virginians. But they succeeded and became respectable, honest and successful farmers admired by the city fathers. More "Good Bohemians" were desired which resulted in The Bohemian Land Company publishing a book in the Czech language encouraging other "fellow countryman" to come to Virginia. Now fully translated 100 years later, it can be read by the ancestors of those who wrote personal heartwarming testimonies about their experience as immigrant farmers in Virginia at the turn of the 19th century.
Philip Spiegel
Triumph Over Tyranny
Triumph Over Tyranny: The Heroic Campaigns that Saved 2,000,000 Soviet Jews, is the most complete account to date of their remarkable stories of struggle and success. It is a panorama of the history of the international Soviet Jewry movement and the fight for human rights in the former Soviet Union.

Inside and outside the Soviet Union courageous people lived the seemingly impossible dream of changing the policies of a totalitarian regime. Their bravery and determination resulted in the immigration of nearly 2,000,000 Soviet Jews to Israel, the United States as well as other countries. They also inspired a new era of religious freedom in Russia and the other states that succeeded the Soviet Union.