Cathy Oasheim
Most Recent Book Title
Bridges to Reconciliation (Summer 2023 Launch)
Book Description
Bridges to Reconciliation is an account of Cathy's first mediation assignment in 2013 between the oldest daughter who blew the whistle on her abusive father in her family of six. He found Jesus Christ in the jailhouse and was sentenced to three years of solitary confinement in the state institution. His psychologist officially diagnosed him at this time in the 1970s as a dangerous Criminal Sexual Psychopath (CSP).

The author's research for the assignment took her through many winding roads of interviews, lies, coverups, shame, truth, understanding, restoration, travel, and therapy as she got to know, observe, and explore each member of the family and considered the possibilities within the gray areas of reconciliation. Was reconciliation possible for or between all parties after many decades of healing? She finds new definitions of reconciliation as she details what happened to each member during their time within the realm of their father's abuse. She witnesses the after effects and how their hearts and souls were restored above their scarred identities after his arrest.

The story climaxes with the mediation assignment where the author is face to face with a psychopath, his second wife, the daughter, and her mentor, a prison chaplain whom she invited to observe the process.

The author writes in such a way that reveals the hearts and souls of everyone during this three-day mediation. Does the daughter get the answers she is looking for? Join along to witness powerful scenes, discussions, and a transformative mediation process. How does everyone reconcile?

This memoir is a page turner that invokes every emotion one time or another. Trigger warnings are present, and this true story educates, inspires, and provides hope for those who have encountered horrific crimes and supports the professionals who work with them.

Delpha Clarke
Most Recent Book Title
It is on You To Own You
Book Description
Delpha is the second to last of 23 brothers and sisters living in the poorer section of Spanish Town Jamaica. She was born in poverty to a father who could not read but who is the reason for her success today. Her mother walked for miles with mangoes on her head to feed her children. The struggles were fierce as they often experience hunger.

From her home, a mere shack, she skipped barefooted through exposed electric wires on the ground with fear of being electrocuted as she pushed on to forage and search for food to help feed her brothers and sisters to survive another day. With grit and determination, she sent herself through university to become a nurse. Help dry her tears as she experiences the pain of racism as she works in America. Also, despite a failed marriage she finds the courage to get back up and fight another day.

Journey with Delpha and be amazed at her journey from poverty to prosperity.

Dr. Kevin Bartram
Most Recent Book Title
Great Teachers: Exploring Excellence in Education
Book Description
A description of the techniques and strategies employed by America's greatest teachers. At the highest levels, teachers are doing the same things. It's like a high level masterclass in how to be great.
Jennifer J Keith
Most Recent Book Title
Fixing the Funny Bone: The G.R.I.T. Method to Heal with Humor
Book Description
Certified Humor Professional Jennifer Keith shares personal experiences of trauma cushioned by humor to empower you with the skills to take those traumatic losses in your life and soothe them with lessons of learning and laughter. Finding the funny is an arduous process when facing trauma and loss, but moving through the pain with a balance of humor and joy can ease the memory of the darkness next time the triggers pop up. You too can embrace the healing of trauma and loss with humor - it doesn't mean trauma is funny at all - and reduce the stress of your memories by finding the funny faster.
Anne Witherspoon
Most Recent Book Title
Unicorn Leadership
Donna M. Kshir
Most Recent Book Title
You Are Enough (2022) / UnMasked (2017)
Book Description
You Are Enough is a photobook of 9 women who have faced adversity in their lifetime and have overcome it. They defeated issues with self-esteem, anxiety, depression, mental health, infertility, illness, crisis, disabilities, and body image to become independent, stronger, and more confident women.

Society and social networking platforms show us beautiful photographs of what we should look like and what we could look like if we use the right products, followed the right diet, exercise daily, and use the right products. They tell us that we, too, could be supermodels and be worthy of love, acceptance, and value but even by following a vigorous routine we somehow still fall short. Due to issues such as low self-esteem, lack of confidence in ourselves, and poor body image, we are made to feel unworthy and unloved when in fact the image they are selling us is unrealistic without proper lighting, filters, photoshopping, and excess plastic surgery.

In this book, each woman shares their story, along with raw, unedited photographs taken by the photographer and the owner of CJ Photography, Cynthia Harkinson. They have chosen to tell their story and use unedited photographs to show they are beautiful and they are enough, just as they are in true form without society's interpretation of what they should be through photoshopping and filters. Each of these women knows they are enough just as they are and you, too, are enough, just as you are.

The Foreword is written by radio personality, public speaker, child rights activist, and author Laurie Ann Smith.

Writers and models include Layla Anthony, Cynthia Harkinson, photographer, Donna Kshir (cover 1) Cynthia Probst, Brittany Nelen, Lee Cougardawn Roberts (cover 2), Laurie Ann Smith, Denise Maris, Michelle Whitney and Katrina Caitlin.

You Are Enough was published by Donna M. Kshir and Lee Cougardawn Roberts of Northern Books.

On 11/-7/2022 You Are Enough hit #38 on Amazon's bestsellers list for Photo Essay Books.

As an advocate people tend to forget there is more to us than meets the eye. We are husbands, wives, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers. Although advocacy is never ending, at the end of the day, we too go home to our loved ones.

After a decade of working with some of the top influential advocates in the country, we proposed the question,

"What is something in your life people would not really know?"

The goal was to unmask each advocate, as an individual, in a personal light with their family, friends and loved ones; allowing the public to see for the first time the individual behind the mask of an advocate.

These raw and unedited poems, short stories, thoughts and letters of beautifully penned stories of hope, loss, pain, healing, inspiration, love, sorrow, courage and strength illuminate the unexpected twists and turns of life's hurdles that later become known as our blessings.

Now, join us and share the personal stories and discover the extraordinary lives of the men and women who protect and serve our most precious.

'UnMasked' is available in 3 limited edition covers and eBook formats. ALL proceeds go to abused children and homeless organizations!

Featured Writers: Patricia McKnight, Donna Kshir, Lee Roberts, Deana Dixon, Mark Palmer, Patrick Dati, Joshua Murphy, Mike Pistorino, Jane Alvarez, Mashanna Bachuss-Waggoner,Terry Rink, Sharon Young, Warren Van Gaasbeck, Star Myers, Bob Shank, Bailey Scott, Blayze Justice, Isabelle Esling and Pastor Darick Biondi.
Tricia Beck
Most Recent Book Title
Mentoring Lifts and Inspires: Women Empowering Women
Book Description
This book is focused on mentees, mentors, and organizations. In the second half, 29 women share their stories about mentoring experiences.
* What mentoring is, and is not
* Characteristics of great mentors and mentees
* How to find a mentor
* How to create a great mentoring relationship
* The benefits of mentoring programs
* Different mentoring models
Practical information in and easy-to-read format.
Peter George
Most Recent Book Title
The Captivating Public Speaker: Engage, Impact, and Inspire Your Audience Every Time
Book Description
Do you want to be calm, confident, and credible every time you speak in public?

Would you like to be as dynamic as the well-known speakers you see at major events?

You can become the speaker you dream about!

In The Captivating Public Speaker, author, public speaking expert, and veteran professional speaker Peter George shows you how to go from being a speaker who merely informs audiences to one who transforms them.

You master the magical blend of art and science that elevates your public speaking to a height that you could only imagine before.

The AMP’D Framework™guides you step-by-step
The Captivating Public Speaker is presented in four sections, each focusing on one segment of Peter’s AMP’D Framework™ -- the easy-to-follow system that produces engaging talks and captivating speakers. These sections include:

- Researching your Audience
- Determining your Message
- Crafting your Presentation
- Honing your Delivery

Most public speaking books offer a few tips to help improve your speaking skills, but they fail to provide a comprehensive understanding of the topic. However, in The Captivating Public Speaker, you have all the wisdom and advice you need to help you perfect your craft, including:

- Research your audience so you can best engage them
- Determine which message will resonate with your audience
- Craft gripping presentations
- Apply the critical steps to perfect your delivery
- Harness your fear and convert it into positive energy
- Engage your audience even before you begin to speak
- Be a master storyteller that enthralls audiences
- Use slide decks for more professional-looking presentations
- Infuse vocal variety into your talks
- Let your body speak along with your voice
- Tame the power of the pause
- Develop a new level of self-confidence
- And more …

Public speaking is one of the most influential and valuable skills you can possess. But there is a big difference between being comfortable talking to a group of people and being the kind of speaker that changes people’s lives.

The Captivating Public Speaker will change your life …
Thomas James, Cokato Minnesota attorney and author
Most Recent Book Title
E-Commerce Law: The Legal Compliance Handbook for Online Businesses
Book Description
E-Commerce Law: The Legal Compliance Handbook for Online Businesses is a comprehensive guide to the law pertaining to doing business online - copyright, privacy, data security, defamation, sales and credit card laws and regulations, jurisdiction, and much more. 828 pages, with index, table of statutes and cases, and more.
Josh Taylor
Most Recent Book Title
Answered Prayers
Book Description
Deborah and Josh were married 730 days, then God came calling.
Find out what happened before and after God’s call