Moshood Fayemiwo
Most Recent Book Title: Aliko Mohammad Dangote: The Biography of the Richest Black Person in the World
Book Description: The New York-based Forbes magazine had not deemed it fit to include an African south of the Sahara in its List of World’s Billionaires in its 100-year history until 2008 when the name of Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote appeared worth $3.3 billion. In 2011, Aliko’s fortune jumped to astronomical $13.8 billion, a–544 % increase in the history of wealth creation. Today, this African is the world’s richest black person worth $16.1 billion.
How did he achieve this feat? What were the sources of his wealth? How did a -56-year old half orphan, who grew up in the arid dessert of Kano, northern Nigeria, invest a- $500 loan and turn it into the largest business conglomerate in Nigeria and West Africa in 30 years?

The authors were in Africa for 16 months to investigate the story of this billionaire. The book is purely an independent research and a seminal work by the authors, who managed to resist censorship during their field work, and succeeded in presenting readers Aliko Dangote’s secrets of success which aspiring business people can learn from in the life history of Aliko Dangote, especially on how to start small and grow big. This is the first and only authoritatively-researched and comprehensively-investigated biography of Aliko Mohammad Dangote, the richest black person in the world.

Peggy Harper Lee
Most Recent Book Title: Spoiled: Fresh Ideas for Parenting Your Entitled Child--at Any Age!
Book Description: We live in the age of the Entitled Child. Many books have been written about entitlement and entitled children. This is not another one. Peggy Harper Lee's book "Spoiled", by contrast, is written for and about the parents of an entitled child. Whether you know you have an entitled child and want to change your relationship, wondering if you have an entitled child and want to learn the signs so you can be sure, or you've been warned that your child is in danger of becoming an entitled child, this book is for you! Throughout this journey of the entitled child, Lee examines what an entitled child looks, sounds and acts like at every stage from infant to adult. She explores the strategies that you as a parent can use to effectively build a new relationship with your entitled child.
Joel Friedlander
Most Recent Book Title: A Self-Publisher's Companion: Expert Advice for Authors Who Want to Publish
Book Description: Based on the author's popular blog,, “A Self-Publisher's
Companion” introduces writers to the world of indie publishing. Reading the book is like having an expert guide next to you, explaining how all the parts fit together. Self-publishing guru Dan Poynter (The Self-Publishing Manual), said “Book publishing is changing—for the better. This book explains the new and better ways to publish and promote your book. Don’t be left behind.” Readers get advice on topics like 5 good reasons to self-publish, cover design
tips, avoiding the most common layout mistakes, and ways to build an author
platform with social media. New York Times-bestselling author Chris Brogan (Trust Agents) said, “Should one seek to go their own way, this book is a great lesson plan, from the mindset to the
mechanics. This is actionable material, and worth your money.”
R. L. Lansverk
Most Recent Book Title: Neihart Mining
Book Description: An historical look at the "town that could have been the silver king of Montana," during her formative years, 1880s through the silver crash of 1893.
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Erica von Rath
Most Recent Book Title: Online Dating: So Many Tools in the Internet Shed
Book Description: After learning her boyfriend lied about almost every aspect of his life, Erica thought she would give online dating a try. She thought it would be a great way to select men to date based on their honest profiles (heh) and to weed out the men who weren't serious. What she didn't realize was that a majority of the guys she encountered were not only undateable, she would have material for a blog and then this book.

Erica spent over two years wading in the Internet dating fish pond only to find...not what she was expecting. The book is based on her blog that details unromantic dates, silly messages and poor manners aplenty! Read true stories of her experiences, including outright recognition, and read her own profile and judge for yourself: Was online dating right for her? It's an acerbic take on a personal jump into the waters. Required reading for those considering online dating.
Wendy Oliveras
Most Recent Book Title: Let's Play SHESS Succeed in your game of life and business by playing chess: from Pawn to Queen
Book Description: Let’s Play SHESS is written to inspire and shake up women of all ages and backgrounds to take a chance, learn something new and believe in their abilities. This book provides a fresh entertaining approach to exploring every woman’s inquisitive mind and entrepreneurial passion by playing chess. The fascinating and realistic correlation between transferring the chess-playing skills into your real life is revealed, as well as the invaluable rewards and benefits you gain as a result.

SHESS is an all-encompassing term which represents “your game of life.” All of the circumstances which exist in your life, including challenges relevant to business development represent your individual “battlefield.” Whether on a personal or professional level, SHESS relates to how you think, react, analyze and solve problems, and make decisions.

While this book is dedicated to women, everyone is certainly welcome to explore its wisdom.
Frances Caballo
Most Recent Book Title: Social Media Just for Writers: The Best Online Marketing Tips for Selling Your Books
Book Description: You wrote your book and sold copies to family members, friends, and colleagues. Now you want to reach readers around the state, across the country, or on the other side of the world. But how? With social media, you can build your platform and reach markets you never imagined possible before. In this book you will learn how to: create your Facebook fan page and initiate active engagement with your readers, use a myriad of Twitter applications to help you economize your time while expanding your tribe, optimize your LinkedIn profile with keywords, tackle Google+ with renewed confidence, build Pinterest pinboards and use them to promote your books and blog, and round out your online strategies with offline marketing techniques.
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Marcia M. Degelman
Most Recent Book Title: "Explaining Health: what you need to know to stay healhty"
Book Description: A visual guidebook to a healthy lifestyle
Noel Gama
Most Recent Book Title: Culture Wise India
Book Description: Culture Wise India is essential reading for anyone planning to visit or live in India, whether for business or pleasure, for a few days holiday or a lifetime.
It is guaranteed to help newcomers avoid cultural and social gaffes; make friends and influence people; and enhance their understanding of India and the Indian people.
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Ingrid Lundquist
Most Recent Book Title: Dictionary of Publishing Terms: What Every Writer Needs to Know
Book Description: Dictionary of Publishing Terms: What Every Writer Needs to Know uses simple language to explain the words most often used in publishing. From ISBN and index, to gutter and greyscale, the professional terms and book elements you need to know are finally all in one place, organized as you would find them in a real book. Just start at the front cover and there’s the information – where you need it, when you need it. A workbook, dictionary, and guide all in one. The “must-have” book to help writers understand publishing lingo and take their story from words-on-paper to book-in-hand.
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