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The Art of Strategic Communication
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In today’s fast-paced environment, the speed at which communication travels and the resounding calls for police accountability demonstrate a need for purposeful communications embedded in a strategic mindset. When done right, strategic communication can increase transparency, build trust, and encourage active community participation. Chief Cook has distilled over thirty years of experience into timely lessons filled with practical solutions you can begin implementing right away.
Shanae Cooper-Robinson
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Tell me all about you my, SIGNATURE MOM
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Tell me all about you my Signature Mom is a beautifully composed, timeless keepsake journal that records important details about mom from childhood through to motherhood.

This easy to use, guided journal helps mothers to document their life stories with over 116 questions. The stimulating questions and prompts are organized into chapters based on your mother’s life stages to help her capture memories, experiences, treasured moments and reflections categorically.

When completed, this gift will become a valuable treasure and personal keepsake of your mother’s most important memories, life stories and lessons that can be handed down to your children and cherished by upcoming generations.
Hanna Hasl-Kelchner
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Seeking Fairness at Work: Cracking the New Code of Greater Employee Engagement, Retention & Satisfaction
Book Description
Seeking Fairness at Work examines the unwritten rules at work—rules that, when broken, keep employees from doing their best work and companies from reaching their full potential.

It’s well known that high engagement is essential to greater productivity, profit growth, customer loyalty, and employee retention.

What’s less understood is the crucial role the implied social contract plays in this process and how it relates to the five most common workplace norms that betray fairness, leaving employees feeling dispirited, disengaged, and headed for the door.

Using evidence-based science, academic research, interviews, and real-life stories, business strategist and host of the Business Confidential Now podcast, Hanna Hasl-Kelchner, analyzes why traditional means of improving employee engagement, retention and satisfaction inevitably fall short.

Discover solutions aimed at neutralizing toxic norms and empowering a culture where employees can do their best work. The book offers a five-part strategy filled with practical tips any leader can use to:
• Rebuild Trust with More Self-Awareness
• Improve Relationship Chemistry with More Empathy
• Make Genuine Accountability a Cornerstone
• Maintain a Cultural Safety Net
• Mend the Structural Safety Net

Seeking Fairness at Work is ideal for executives, managers, and entrepreneurs who want to raise their employees’ game instead of their defenses; the human resource professionals, consultants, and employment attorneys who advise them; and employees wanting a reality check of their own workplace experiences.
Good to Great Grandparenting
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Good to Great Grandparenting
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Becoming the Best Grandparent you can be is a noble and worthy goal.

This Grandparenting book offers Grandparenting Tips, Activities for Grandparents and Grandkids as well as the benefits of Grandparenting. At the same time it doesn’t sidestep the challenges of Grandparenting in the 21st Century. Some of those challenges have to do with long distance Grandparenting, raising Grandchildren and even Grandparents and technology.
All of this will not only help you be a Good Grandparent but to help you become a Great Grandparent.

The starting point of this book is the consideration that “Life is complicated, Family life is a multiple of complicated and extended family life is exponentially complicated”. This was the idea behind my second book, “Your Grandparent Rights”. Since they are very scarce I instead offer you stories, techniques and ideas to weather the family storms that probably will arise when it comes to staying connected to your Grandchildren.

We will be Grandparents for about twice as long as we are parents. To be the best we can be there are many considerations. First and foremost it doesn’t work to be your Grandparents Grandparent in today’s world. Like it or not things have changed and this book is about how we can move from being a Good Grandparent to becoming a Great Grandparent.

Because of the demographic of baby boomers aging into Grandparenthood the time has come to learn what we need to know about Grandparenting in the 21st Century. I don’t ask you to like it, I only want to make you aware of what is working or not working for other Grandparents. My WHY for all of this is to create Lasting Meaningful Connections between you and your Grandchildren. By doing so we will offer our Grandchildren the most Love and support possible as well as keeping some well intentioned Grandparents from being left at the station.

I am proud of you for wanting to become an even better Grandparent than you are now. Thank you for being a Caring Grandparent.
Carla King blogging from the road.
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Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Independent Authors
Book Description
You are an author. Be proud. Be excited. Relish the glory of a finished book. But hold on, don't get ahead of yourself. The last thing you want to do is publish your book before it's ready.

Yes, there is still more work to do to produce your book professionally and to make sure it sells.
Make it easier by following the complete step-by-step process in this 5th edition of the Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Independent Authors.

With over twenty years as a writer, self-publisher, web developer, and publishing coach, King has distilled what you need to know to succeed in plain language even a beginner can follow.

You'll learn how to do critical market research so your book reaches the right readers, how to find book reviewers and early readers who will become your superfans, and how to produce a high-quality book to professional standards so your book competes with the best in your genre.

Find out how to set up a publishing business, how to choose a print-on-demand and ebook distribution service, how to market using social media, and how to reach the traditional media when it's time to launch your publicity campaign.

This all-inclusive guide will help you do it all yourself or, if you've got the resources to hire out tasks, you'll learn how to negotiate with editors, designers, marketing and PR consultants, and other publishing professionals.

You'll also get access to reader's resources to get updates to this guide and other bonuses.
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George Gipson
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The Chase
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Inspiring Memoir: From Federal Prison to the African Savannah, God Pursues Relentlessly

Embark on an extraordinary journey of redemption in George Gipson’s exciting new memoir, The Chase. Years ago, Gipson found himself in federal prison after a dark turn in his life. Through an unexpected meeting with a man sentenced to be executed by electric chair, Gipson’s motivation was sparked to set his life on the right path. Yearning for the first time in many years for a renewed relationship with God, he began to pray with fervor.

After many hours of Bible study, meditation, and heart-to-heart conversations with both God and himself, Gipson experienced a powerful vision. Filled with a deeper understanding of creation and of what it means to be part of the family of God, he began to realize the steps he would need to take to change his life. Later, when Gipson was travelling across Kenya, God would use a giraffe (which he had previously seen in his vision) to inspire Gipson to publish The Chase.

Like the national bestseller The Shack, Gipson’s book challenges readers to pursue a simpler yet deeper understanding of the triune godhead. This memoir invites readers to pursue the Holy Spirit and to experience transformation like never before. Gipson’s pilgrimage features miraculous signs, supernatural messages, and gut-wrenching conviction. In the middle of that, its message is clear: God never gives up on us—he will follow us to the ends of the Earth to reach us, and there is no limit to his faithfulness.

The story is a page-turner, and the abiding love of God is present amid its pages. Written for those who are questioning and considering the Christian faith, as well as for devout believers looking to connect with God in a new way, The Chase will inspire hope, trust, and spiritual revival in the hearts of its audience.
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What's Behind Your Brand: A Style Guide for Humanizing Your Content
Book Description
This book is intended for anyone who designs, writes, publishes, or selects content for humans.

What’s Behind Your Brand? provides a unique perspective on how word choice and images can bring people in—or shut them out—of your brand’s message.Dr. Jen O’Ryan dives into the nuance of writing, publishing, and designing content in which your audience is genuinely reflected. She outlines ways to incorporate the human experience and remove barriers that detract from your message.

Through humor, heartfelt anecdotes, and a deep understanding of human behavior, Jen breaks down the “why” behind the “how” and provides examples for practical application. The result is a guide on peeling back your brand and moving content from optimized to humanized.

What’s Behind Your Brand? explores:
- Patterns across images and language (absences, bias, inequities, appropriation, stereotypes)
- Unexpected places where bias and other barriers can hide
- Common issues, alternatives, and how to avoid them in the first place
- Strategies for navigating change, within your organization and within yourself
Melanie Herschorn
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Make a Big Impact with Your Book: Author Marketing Strategies for Long-Term Success
Book Description
Whether your goal is to inspire, educate, or entertain, Make a Big Impact with Your Book equips you with strategies to make your mark as an author. Melanie Herschorn, book marketing expert, award-winning journalist, and former celebrity publicist, brings her years of expertise to the forefront in this essential guide, offering a treasure trove of proven marketing strategies tailored specifically for nonfiction and children’s book authors.
Make a Big Impact with Your Book is your roadmap to achieving long-term success in the competitive world of publishing, whether you're in the midst of writing, or you're already published and have seen little traction.