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Cristen Iris
Momentum: Get Moving and Stay Moving When Failure is not an Option
What to expect when you make the decision to leave the 9-to-5 and never go back, Momentum is a tool that helps women develop and execute an exit strategy that fits their situation and style while helping them identify their values, purpose, and path the financial independence.
Allyson E. Machate
The Way of the SEAL
Editorial Business
Kate Frank
Collaborative Ghostwriter
Free 33-page eBook you can download. Go to and get it now. The eBook explains the roles of editors, publishers, co-authors and collaborative ghostwriters. Avoid costly mistakes by learning what to expect from your book publishing team.
Marcelle Soviero
Brain Child Magazine
A literary magazine for parents
Miki Sever
Boni Wagner-stafford
Start Strong Grow Free
Boni Wagner-Stafford
Start Strong Grow Free: The 3-phase Guidebook to Start, Run, and Grow Your Independent Empire
If you’re a freelancer, independent professional, small business owner or entrepreneur, this book will change your life.

Yes! “Start Strong, Grow Free” is packed with strategies and tactics for you to design your business and your life for success, maximum efficiency, profitability and growth (from the day you begin).

Award-winning journalist Boni Wagner-Stafford and serial entrepreneur John Wagner-Stafford teach you simple methods to increase your productivity, acquire and retain new clients, and ultimately take control of your future and your financial destiny.

In this book Boni and John reveal:
● 6 critical mindsets you need to WIN in business.
● 3 ways to ignite your sense of passion and purpose and uncover massively profitable ideas for your business.
● Which legal structure to choose to minimize your taxes, maximize your profits and protect your personal finances from potential lawsuits.
● How to write a business plan that helps you grow your business in the fastest way possible.
● Proven methods to avoid low-trust company culture. Plus: how to create a company culture that people — clients and fans — love to be part of.
● How to hire the perfect contractors and employees.
● How to break up with problem clients without hurting their feelings!
● The Secrets of Intellectual Property – 6 proven guidelines to own and protect your ideas from theft.
● Why writing a book may be the best way to launch a landslide of new business.

Discover hard-won, scientifically-proven, revenue-producing mechanisms to start your independent business and grow it, the way you want it, unleashing the power of success so you can grow free. This could be the one book that changes everything for you.
Ingenium Books
BClear Writing
Eric F. James
Jesse James Soul Liberty, Vol. I, Behind the Family Wall of Stigma & Silence
Authorized historical biography of the family of Frank & Jesse James, 1776-2012.
The first of five volumes, drawn from primary family sources.
Includes family photos, letters, documents, memoirs, interviews,
genealogy, with source citations, notes, bibliography, & index.
Published in the USA by Cashel Cadence House, 2012. ISBN 978-0-8957469-0-2. Hardcover, $36.95