Carol Abrahamson
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Getting Started on Your Book: 666 Book Types To Build Your Business & Brand (The Ultimate System For Starting A Book That Will Create Big Business Results — Including 222 Types That Require Less Writing)
Book Description
Our Spark Ultimate Book Start System for making your book's key strategic decisions plus our compilation of proven business book types (with 2 real-world examples of each) get aspiring executive authors focused and started on a book that can bring 6- and 7-figure results to their business -- results that go way beyond strong book sales and bestseller status.
Steven Howard
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Humony Leadership: Mindsets, Skills and Behaviors for Being a Successful People-Centric Leader
Book Description
Managing people is a 1980s construct. It is why people leave bosses, not organizations. It is no longer acceptable or relevant in today's world. Simply stated: work is not working for many people. Work and the workplace, along with the behaviors, actions, and attitudes of many leaders have alienated millions of people.

Award-winning author Steven Howard advocates a better approach -- Humony Leadership. Humony is a created word comprising human, humanity, and harmony to emphasize the leading of people and the need for leaders to create workplaces of wellbeing and harmony.

Humony Leadership provides you with the mindsets, skills, behaviors, and actions that will make you a great people-centric leader.
Jane Tabachnick
Most Recent Book Title
Zoom Meetings - A Guide for the Non-Techie
A.L. Canning
Most Recent Book Title
In process - Realizing Happiness: A Self-Help Memoir, Find your Personal Brand Within
Book Description
This book is about you, the reader, bringing your brand of happiness into reality. As you read and follow along with my reflections and answer the self-check questions after each entry, I believe you will realize that you carry the answers to your happiness within you.

My brand of happiness has evolved through my belief in God as a Christian. So, that has a bearing on how I have communicated my realizations here in this memoir. Your reflections and responses to the self-check questions will reflect your value system and beliefs as your personal brand of happiness begins to reveal itself to you.

As you take this opportunity to dig deeper into yourself, realize that your brand of self-work, your choices, the habits you practice, and your actions will empower you to navigate your happiness with greater clarity.

Take this journey with me. Gain a better understanding of, and realize your brand of happiness. Start here. Start now.
Evelyn J. Starr
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Teenage Wastebrand: How Your Brand Can Stop Struggling and Start Scaling
Book Description
Break through your brand’s invisible barrier.

Has your business hit a wall? Have you struggled to figure out why?

Business owners bear the burden of chief brand builder. You think it will get easier once you get past start-up mode, but growth brings more to manage, not less.

It’s hard to know if you’re doing well.

When your numbers climb, they signal success to you. But then they level off. And refuse to budge.

Your brand’s hit its awkward adolescent stage.

Based on 30 years of marketing experience and extensive study, brand expert Evelyn Starr shows you how to identify what holds your brand back and overcome it.

In this groundbreaking book, you’ll discover:

• The eight symptoms adolescent brands display, including identity crisis, oversleeping, and suffering from FOMO.

• Specific questions to help you diagnose the symptom hindering your brand.

• How brands like FedEx, Netflix, Spotify, and Crocs navigated their adolescence to emerge stronger.

• What business owners like you have done to course correct their brands and what worked best.

• Step-by-step guides to help you exit that stage ready to scale.

Finally, you can stop guessing what your brand needs. With the right pieces in place, your brand will be ready for its next leap of growth.

If you like sports and entertainment stories, easy-to-understand explanations, and plenty of examples, you’ll love how this book demystifies your brand woes and helps you fix them. Get it now to jump-start your business growth!

Tony J. Selimi
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A Path to Excellence
Book Description
Award-winning life strategist and business coach Tony Jeton Selimi has observed that far too many people give in to their disempowering beliefs and settle for mediocrity from the fear of failure, judgment, and other people's expectations of them. It is for this reason that he releases “A Path to Excellence” (published by Balboa Press).

This book aims to empower readers to go beyond perceived limits and face their doubts and excuses in all aspects of life — be it in their relationships, family, school, career, business, ministry, community, etc. Here, the author discusses the principles of The Octagon Of Excellence™ and shows them how to address every challenge mindfully, sharpen their focus, improve their mental readiness, control distractions, and give constructive feedback through collaboration, re-evaluation, and self-reflection as they go through the eight inevitable cycles of life. Included as well are anecdotes of clients from all professional backgrounds and businesses who have used the eight transformational principles and achieved phenomenal results, growth and transformation that otherwise would seem impossible. Those who are feeling anxious, frustrated and dissatisfied their lives will find “A Path to Excellence” an excellent daily companion.

“The pursuit of excellence will always, always, always be the better option when compared to settling for mediocrity,” Selimi states. “I want to give them (readers) a road map to win the inevitable and ever-evolving life challenges and the battles they'll encounter on their journey to grow into their fullest potential.”

Inside, you’ll discover:

• The Eight Essential Components of Human Excellence
• How to Go Beyond Your Perceived Limits
• How To Face Your Doubts, Excuses and Fears Head On
• A Step-By-Step Path To Address Challenges Mindfully, Overcome Distractions and Sharpen Your Focus
• The Exact Actions to Take to Break Free From the Internal Barriers That Are Preventing You From Achieving Your Full Potential
The $1.99 Author
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The $1.99 Author
Book Description
The $1.99 Author is an informative and fun book for those who write books and people who think they might want to.

Are you planning to write and publish a book?

Do you have a completed manuscript?

Have you self-published a book or even a few books?

Would you like to write books for additional income or a living?

Were you traditionally published by a “small-press” and have found yourself faced with book marketing? 

There are more myths and legends in the book publishing game than can be found in ancient Greek literature. 

The $1.99 Author offers a pragmatic look at today’s book publishing options for both budding and previously published authors. Almost every conceivable publishing path is touched upon with the pros and cons of each laid bare. E. A. Barker is a journeyman writer with a knack for drilling to the bottom of the truth-well while managing to serve up even the most disturbing of discoveries with a dash of humour. This helps to make this insider’s view of a truly bizarre industry a little more palatable. The pages are free of sugar-coated empty promises of success. Instead, readers will be made to understand there is a slippery ladder awaiting them, and The 1.99 Author shows us how to climb it safely without: getting ripped off, getting sued, going broke, being laughed at. . . in addition to mitigating some of the gut-wrenching experiences like piracy and plagiarism which most published authors have likely encountered.

Best of all, once you understand the game, you will be given a map of the minefield that is today’s book publishing industry so you can avoid the time-consuming low-yield traps . . . allowing you to concentrate your efforts on what really matters . . . writing more and better books. 

Are you the next one-in-a-million author with a hit book? 

If you think you might be, picture The $1.99 Author as being a glass-bottomed boat from which you can view the shark-infested waters of the publishing industry before choosing where to dive in. For every one author, there are hundreds of people lined up to fleece them. Whether you simply want to publish your memoir; publish as a hobby; or think you have what it takes to climb the publishing ladder into “The Big Five”, The $1.99 Author will save you a great deal of time, money, and heartache in your publishing journey.
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