Melanie Herschorn
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Make a Big Impact with Your Book: Author Marketing Strategies for Long-Term Success
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Whether your goal is to inspire, educate, or entertain, Make a Big Impact with Your Book equips you with strategies to make your mark as an author. Melanie Herschorn, book marketing expert, award-winning journalist, and former celebrity publicist, brings her years of expertise to the forefront in this essential guide, offering a treasure trove of proven marketing strategies tailored specifically for nonfiction and children’s book authors.
Make a Big Impact with Your Book is your roadmap to achieving long-term success in the competitive world of publishing, whether you're in the midst of writing, or you're already published and have seen little traction.
Jasmine Hollywood
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90 Days of Inspiration
Alice Sullivan, Ghostwriter
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(Author Ty Kearns) Five Hours North: A Memoir of Outlaw Farming on California's Cannabis Frontier
Book Description
From Amazon: "The colorful true adventures of an unexpected “pot-star” turned cannabis CEO in the new Wild West of California’s green rush.

Don’t give anyone your real name. 

Never say anything to your loved ones.

Always have a full tank of gas, a jump starter, and an alibi.

The year is 2008, and the green rush is taking root in Humboldt County, California. Born and raised in this “Emerald Triangle” famous for its natural beauty and perfect cannabis-growing conditions, Ty Kearns wants no part of it. He has seen too many friends and acquaintances lose or derail their lives for the green dream, always feeling the itch for more cash and more power.

But as a college student with tuition to pay—and few options in the middle of the worst recession since the Great Depression—Ty is willing to try almost anything.

When his eccentric Uncle Bob introduces him to some local growers, the rules of the industry start to dominate Ty’s double life. He spends his days taking notes in lecture halls and his nights and weekends five hours north at his secret farm in the mountains, where danger and beauty are as tangible as the plants themselves.

Soon, he is more successful than he ever could have imagined—more successful than just about any other grower on the mountain. But he faces natural disasters, animal encounters, the gossip mill, the authorities, the highs and lows of first love, and a crowd of “trimmigrants” and pot-star groupies as he grapples with the damage that growing does to his mental health and the land itself.

Today, Ty is the CEO of SEVEN LEAVES, a fully licensed cannabis cultivation operation with product in over four hundred stores and a commitment to 100 percent green energy. But his path to sustainable growing was long and gnarly. Growing pot wasn’t Ty’s plan, but he found his calling when he stepped out of the shadow of the mountain.

A coming-of-age journey where the truth is stranger than fiction, Five Hours North tells the story of the lost pre-legalization weed scene, when the characters were larger than life and the growers were always one step from disaster."
Stephanie Krol
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What the Pet Food Industry Is Not Telling You, Developing Good Practices for a Healthier Dog
Book Description
The 2022 Independent Press Award (IPA), Distinguished Favorite—Animals—Pets

The 2022 Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Benjamin Franklin Award—Animal and Pet—silver medal winner

The 2021 and 2022 National and International best seller Amazon winner

The 2022 Living Now Book Awards (IPPY), gold medal winner—Animal/Pets

Winner 2022 NYC Big Book Award (GABBY Book Awards), Animals—Pets Nonfiction, gold medal winner

The NYC 2022 Big Book Award, Distinguished Favorite for Book Cover

Nonfiction Authors Association-Gold Winner, Nonfiction 2022

The 2022 Ian Book of the Year, finalist in Education/Reference

B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree 2022

Firebird Book Award winner 2022, First Place—Diet and Nutrition Animals/Pet as well as Reference; second place Animals/Pet category

Featured in the 2022

What the Pet Food Industry Is Not Telling You: Developing Good Practices for a Healthier Dog guides you in making the very best decisions for your dog and helps to stop the unnecessary toxicity and pain of dogs around the world!

What the Pet Food Industry Is Not Telling You was written out of the mad love Dr. Stephanie Krol has for her dogs, past and present, as well as the pain and trauma felt when faced with a serious situation relevant to her current dog’s health, as she navigated the traditional medical system trying to make the right choice. Each chapter is a "thank you" to all those who helped her make the best decisions for her dog, as well as a “pay it forward”, from what she has learned throughout the process. Her book also provides the listener with diet options.

Dr. Krol’s goal is to share the knowledge gained in the healing of her dog, in the hope it will spare the pain of all dogs (and cats) around the world! This book will help you glean information needed to help your dog live the longest, happiest life possible.
Rebecca DiTore
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I'd Still Choose You - coming Spring 2024
Book Description
A young widow's journey through unconditional love, deep grief and life after loss.
Robyn Roste
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Marketing for Freelance Writers
Book Description
MARKETING FOR FREELANCE WRITERS outlines how to set up systems for communicating the benefits of working with a service-based proprietor. Focusing on marketing, branding, platform building, social media, and networking, it builds a case for why freelance writers need strategic systems and suggests simple ways to market their business in a meaningful way.
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Dr Steve West
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The Bronze Scar, Understanding How PTSD Feels
Book Description
The Bronze Scar will help those with PTSD know they are not alone. Steve West pulls no punches. He never hides his faults while being completely transparent and speaking from his heart. The book is a powerful account of what goes through his head and how he feels at any given moment. Those with PTSD will easily recognize these thoughts and feelings in themselves. Gaining insight can make it easier to explain to others.

The book will also help families, friends, and colleagues who deal with the imbalances daily by detailing Steve’s experiences. If people can better understand what really happens when someone with PTSD finds their anxiety on the rise, it will help them respond in helpful, non-judgmental ways.
One of the great disadvantages of living with a person with PTSD is not having a point of reference. Being unable to relate to a loved one with PTSD causes frustration. The one with PTSD often lashes out and hurts those who invest in them the most.

This book helps explain how PTSD feels so that those who suffer and their families can, hopefully, understand each other a little better. It leads to the point where we can talk intelligently about this experience, which is a sufficiently positive starting point.

Not everyone can be cured, but everyone can find a certain level of healing. This healing stems from an understanding of the inner turbulence and the external manifestations of PTSD. There is comfort in realizing you are not alone.
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De P & P of Standing Orders An illustrated Guide (Ultimate guide for community health students and professionals)
Book Description
The textbook titled "De P & P of Standing Orders: An Illustrated Guide" is a comprehensive resource designed for community health students and professionals. It covers a wide range of topics related to community health practice, providing valuable insights and practical guidance.

Unit 1 focuses on community health practice and includes Chapter One, which introduces the concept of community health practice. Chapter Two explores the roles and responsibilities of community health practitioners, highlighting their vital contributions to healthcare delivery. Chapter Three delves into communication skills in consultation, emphasizing the importance of effective communication in providing quality care.

Unit 2 centers around the neonate, starting with Chapter Four, which covers the period immediately after birth up to the first weeks of life. Chapter Five discusses common conditions affecting the neonate, while Chapter Six focuses on fetal abnormalities. Chapter Seven addresses the approach to severely ill babies.

Unit 3 delves into the management approach in standing orders. Chapter Nine explores this approach, followed by Chapter Ten, which covers prophylaxis. Chapter Eleven discusses the use of anti-infective therapy, and Chapter Twelve provides an overview of different classes of antibiotics in primary healthcare levels and their uses.

Unit 4 focuses on convulsions and seizures, with Chapter Thirteen providing insights into convulsions and seizures, and Chapter Fourteen specifically addressing seizures (paroxysmal).

Unit 5 covers fever and measles-type rash, fever among different age groups, and infections characterized by fever and rash in Chapters Fifteen, Sixteen, and Seventeen, respectively.

Unit 6 delves into different types of anemia, including Chapter Eighteen on pallor, jaundice, and weakness, Chapter Nineteen on anemia due to hemolysis, Chapter Twenty on anemia due to hemoglobinopathies, and Chapter Twenty-One on anemia due to red cell enzymopathies.

Chapter Twenty-Two in Unit 7 focuses on jaundice, pale stool, and dark urine, providing insights into related conditions.

Unit 8 is dedicated to respiratory infections, with Chapter Twenty-Three addressing cough and difficulty breathing, Chapter Twenty-Four discussing the general approach to respiratory infections, and Chapters Twenty-Five to Twenty-Eight focusing on upper, middle, and lower respiratory tract infections, as well as diseases of the pleural space.

Unit 9 explores various gastroenterological disorders, including oral cavity disorders, esophagus and stomach disorders, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea (gastroenteritis), constipation, dehydration, gastrointestinal bleeding, and intestine and colon disorders in Chapters Twenty-Nine to Thirty-Eight.

Unit 10 delves into cardiovascular pathology, covering heart problems and acute heart failure in Chapters Thirty-Nine and Forty, respectively.

Unit 11 focuses on urinary and genital problems, including kidney disease, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted infections, and erectile dysfunction in Chapters Forty-One to Forty-Four.

Unit 12 addresses care for the ear, nose, and throat in Chapter Forty-Five, followed by Chapter Forty-Six on eye problems.

Unit 13 covers skin problems and lymphadenopathy, with Chapter Forty-Seven discussing various skin problems and Chapter Forty-Eight addressing lymphadenopathy.

Unit 14 is dedicated to emergencies, including head and neck problems, metabolic disorders, and bites/envenomation in Chapters Forty-Nine to Fifty-One.

Unit 15 focuses on burn, edema, leg, and head problems, with Chapters Fifty-Two to Fifty-Four addressing leg and hand problems, burns, and edema.

Unit 16 concludes the textbook with Chapter Fifty-Five on adolescents and maternal health. Chapters Fifty-Six to Sixty-Six cover assessment in obstetrics, minor and major conditions in pregnancy and their management, causes of preterm labor, hypertension and diabetes mellitus in pregnancy, infections that cross the placenta, human immunodeficiency virus in pregnancy, labor, abnormal labors, and postpartum care.

Overall, "De P & P of Standing Orders: An Illustrated Guide" provides a comprehensive and detailed resource for community health students and professionals, covering a wide range of topics essential for their practice.
Mark Graban
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The Mistakes That Make Us: Cultivating a Culture of Learning and Innovation
Book Description
We all make mistakes. What matters is learning from them, as individuals, teams, and organizations. This award-winning book shows you how.

Winner! 2023 Goody Business Book Awards, Business Problem-Solving Category

The Mistakes That Make Us: Cultivating a Culture of Learning and Innovation is an engaging, inspiring, and practical book by Mark Graban that presents an alternative approach to mistakes. Rather than punishing individuals for human error and bad decisions, Graban encourages us to embrace and learn from them, fostering a culture of learning and innovation.

Sharing stories and insights from his popular podcast, “My Favorite Mistake,” along with his own work and career experiences, Graban shows how leaders can cultivate a culture of learning from mistakes. Including examples from manufacturing, healthcare, software, and two whiskey distillers, the book explores how organizations of all sizes and industries can benefit from this approach.

In the book, you'll find practical guidance on adopting a positive mindset towards mistakes. It teaches you to acknowledge and appreciate them and take necessary measures to avoid them while gaining knowledge from the ones that occur. Additionally, it emphasizes creating a safe environment to express mistakes and encourages responding constructively by emphasizing learning over punishment.

Developing a culture of learning from mistakes through psychological safety is essential in effective leadership and organizational success. Leaders must lead by example and demonstrate kindness to themselves and others by accepting their own blunders instead of solely pushing for more courage from their team. This approach, as Graban highlights, fosters a positive and productive work environment.

The Mistakes That Make Us is a must-read for anyone looking to create a stronger organization that produces better results, including lower turnover, more improvement and innovation, and better bottom-line performance. Whether a startup founder or an aspiring leader in a larger company, this book will inspire you to lead with kindness and humility and show you how mistakes can make things right.
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