Judith Ellison Shenouda
Most Recent Book Title
A Step, a Stroll, a Blog, a Book: Collecting My Thoughts
Book Description
A Step, a Stroll, a Blog, a Book: Collecting My Thoughts wraps up a decade of favorite postings from the author’s blog. The years from 2011 through 2021 proved to be productive, thoughtful, and meaningful ones for this owner of a technical communication business who has authored and published books that allowed her to be expressive and creative with words and topics of interest. With much to blab and blog about, 30 plus blog postings—organized in chapters titled Calendar, Writing, Business, Communities, Passages, and Her Company—reveal wit, warmth, and wisdom.

In the posting “Starts and Stops” the author wrote I started. I persevered. I finished. This might just explain how a step becomes a stroll and how a blog becomes a book. In this little gem of a book, we learn what it takes to make progress.
Irma Parone
Most Recent Book Title
WINX: The Problem Solving Model to Win Exponentially with Customers, Employees & Your Bottom Line.
Book Description
Inside this ultimate business guide, you’ll join international best-selling author and sought-after leadership consultant Irma Parone as she reveals a proven action plan for leveling up your organization and applying WINX to your business challenges. With a practical and down-to-earth approach, this audiobook helps aspiring and established business owners develop a thriving WINX-based culture and maximize their bottom line through easy-to-implement strategies.

As CEO of the Parone Group and a seasoned businesswoman with over 20 years of experience, Irma knows first-hand how challenging it can be to build and maintain a successful business. She aims to provide actionable advice that will radically reshape the way you tackle problems within your organization, so you can win more customers, empower happy employees, and scale your income.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

Everyone from early-career-stage to senior managers to executive leaders can benefit from this process.
The revolutionary eight step WINX process to transform your organization.
Illuminating new ways to look at problem-solving (and how to tackle challenges big and small).
The art of evaluation: how to know if your solution will just make things worse.
Tips and tricks for managing your team and surrounding yourself with those who want you to succeed.
And much more!

With a mix of real-life stories and tons of tried-and-tested strategies, WINX: The Problem-Solving Model to Win Exponentially with Customers, Employees, & Your Bottom Line offers you a framework that’s perfect for small and medium businesses, all the way up to international companies. This audiobook is a must listen for entrepreneurs, managers, business leaders, CEOs, and anybody who wants to start building a better business culture.
Valerie Foster
Most Recent Book Title
Dancing with a Demon
Book Description
This non-fiction narrative follows a family's story battling to save daughter's life from an eating disorder.
Scott Coplan
Most Recent Book Title
The Integrator: A Change Management Framework for Achieving Agile IT Project Success
Book Description
When a $145 million IT project failure pushes Los Angeles to the edge of financial meltdown, the County CEO asks Max McLellan, a harried IT project manager, aka The Integrator, for help. The County Board gives Max 30 days to identify the problem and find a solution. At first Max finds the usual missteps, but something bigger and darker beckons, an explosive source of project failure. He must do something different, rattling ghosts of previous County IT failures, uncloaking crookedness, and exposing truths that shatter careers.
Sarah Sladek
Most Recent Book Title
Talent Generation
Dr Jo Lukins
Most Recent Book Title
The Game Plan
Book Description
Do you ever feel like you:

* know what you want and why, you just don't know how to get it?
* are destined for more success than you are currently achieving?
* could reach your full potential if you had a better plan?

High achievers are constantly told they have to work harder and harder to get to the top. That success comes only to those who are 100% motivated every day. For many, this is not sustainable. But what if there is an easier path to achieve the results you want and deserve?

This practical and interactive journal offers an easy-to-follow strategy that shows you how to create lasting habits that will maintain success. The Game Plan will help you to turn your motivation into strategic, successful actions.

The Game Plan includes:

The 5 critical foundations for building your personal Game Plan
- Flexibility to build your training over your time frame, no pressure
- Easy step-by-step tactics that you can implement without overload
- Tips for creating lasting habits that will maintain your success
- Handy weekly sheets to fill in to help you plan your actions
- Useful habit trackers to keep you accountable and motivated
- Coaching sessions with Dr Jo Lukins, accessible throughout the journal.

The foundations of success are well within your reach. Over her 30 years of working with elite athletes, Dr Lukins has seen extraordinary achievements with a sophisticated yet surprisingly easy-to-follow formula. It's not as hard as others would want you to think. You just need to know how.
Lynn Lok-Payne
Most Recent Book Title
Speak This Not That: Positive Affirmations to Have a Better Day
Book Description
“Spotlighting each individual’s power to create a different reality.” – BookLife

An easy-to-follow pocket guide to help you develop a new mindset and discover the amazing person that you already are.

The greatest influence on our daily lives is our internal dialogue— it shapes everything we do. Often, we aren’t mindful of these mental conversations, many of which are noisy and disruptive.

Speak This Not That: Positive Affirmations to Have a Better Day is designed to bring awareness to the mind’s constant chatter by taking an everyday negative thought and flipping it into three positive statements. Using inspirational quotes for extra motivation, we can transform this background noise into a more encouraging dialogue. By making a simple change from “I can’t” to “How can I?”, we open the door to new possibilities.

Speak This Not That inspires us to:
Boost our mood, self-esteem, and confidence
Create empowering self-talk to set the stage for success
Improve our mindset with daily wisdom to live a happier life

The words we use are extremely powerful. The stories we tell ourselves matter. When we shift our focus and intentionally choose the narrative we want for our lives, then we can thrive. Start your transformative journey to a happier life!