Adrian Dane Kenny
Most Recent Book Title: That is what I wanted to do and what I still want to do.
Book Description: An autobiographical book from writing each day that is a continuation of the mind of a nigger book 1.
Alicia Young
Most Recent Book Title: Visit from Heaven: A soul’s message of love, loss & family.

JOURNALIST AND AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR Alicia Young recounts a transformative out-of-body experience in which she was visited by the spirit of an unborn child. Determined to convey a message of love to his grieving parents, “Bobby” reveals, through cinematic images, his own role in planning the circumstances of his brief life—and his past lives. Join them as he vividly:

• Consults wise, compassionate beings as he designs his soul plan

• Describes the power and freedom we have to choose our families

• Explains why he ultimately chose not to stay here on earth

This poignant account will help you to:

• Ease your heartache for a loved one who has passed

• Dissolve your fears around death—and witness the wonders of the Other Side

• Release thoughts of “Why me?” and gain rich insights into life’s struggles

Amber DeAnn
Most Recent Book Title: Mental Reset
Book Description: Mental Reset is a self help, interactive ebook giving you tools and a system so you can create a more integrative, success-focused mindset and self image. It shows you how to overcome your negative thoughts, get guidance from your feelings, build your courage muscle and shift your mindset and self image for dream fulfillment.
Andrea Edmond
Most Recent Book Title: Matters of the Single Heart: How to Heal Past Wounds and Prepare Your Heart to Find Love Again
Book Description: How do you find the courage to love again after experiencing a pattern of heartbreaks and rejection? Matters of the Single Heart offers a realistic approach for women trying to navigate through their journey of singleness, dating, and healing from a broken past. Connecting her own struggles with practical advice on love, Andrea Edmond, shares her personal battles and triumphs with toxic relationships. This straightforward read will give you the power tools and invaluable information on how to heal from your past relationships, inspire you to walk boldly with God during your season of singleness, recognize toxic relationship patterns and give you the tools to rebuild your self-esteem. Matters of the Single Heart takes you on a journey in healing, recognizing your self-worth, and empowers you to condition your heart to discover a love worth the wait.
Andrew Castillo
Most Recent Book Title: Job Search Mastery; Find and Land THE Job
Book Description: Tools and exercises to discover your “best fit” job, as well as help with the actual job search.
Ann B. Wilds
Most Recent Book Title: Hope From the Pit: Devotions from the Life of Joseph
Book Description: You don’t have to have been assaulted by your siblings, sold into slavery, or thrown into prison for a crime you didn’t commit in order to carry emotional wounds. Each of us wears the marks of the hands of those around us. In a fallen world it is inevitable that some of them will leave scars. Join author Ann B. Wilds as she explores the biblical life of Joseph and shows us how we, too, can find hope in the pit, shake off our chains, and thrive.
New Orleans Best Seafood Restaurants
Most Recent Book Title: New Orleans Best Seafood Restaurants
New Orleans Best Seafood Restaurants
Most Recent Book Title: New Orleans Best Seafood Restaurants
Ann Hobbs
Most Recent Book Title: Kick Ass Your Life
Book Description: Sometimes we feel lost in life when things are not going so well. We have either lost a loved one, divorced or separated and not sure who we are. This book will get you back on track fast so that you can start enjoying life again.