Judith Ellison Shenouda
Most Recent Book Title: Living Well In Froggy’s World of Plenty: Sweet Talk to Read Aloud
Book Description: Living Well in Froggy’s World of Plenty is all about Froggy and his critter friends who live well in a world of plenty that’s filled with lots of sweet talk.
Beaty Miller
Most Recent Book Title: My Last Last Name Is Grace
Carmela E. Head
Most Recent Book Title: Be Transformed: Empowering You For Destiny
Book Description: Be transformed and empowered for destiny through transformational moments that help identify who you are, what you already have and what you can do. Learn to recognize your value and potential, design your unique life blueprint, survive detours and enhance the lives of others. Be inspired for the extraordinary by scriptural principles, positive affirmations, and challenges to identify potential and master challenges. Learn to focus on what matters most, and leave old habits and mindsets behind. Connect with God’s purposes and realize the power of faith to move you toward your destiny in Him.
Vaniessa Cousin
Book Description: Inspirational Memoir about Life Challenges and Setbacks
Sharon Turnoy
Most Recent Book Title: Sitting on a File Cabinet, Naked, With a Gun
Book Description: Sitting on a File Cabinet, Naked, With a Gun contains 27 individual CEO assistants’ stories of life behind the doors of the C-Suite. Almost ten years after its release, it is still ranked #49 in popularity out of all the admin training books on Amazon and within the 30,000 ranking out of all 8 million books on Amazon. In addition, it has been frequently used in UC Extension courses to train senior admins. Customer reviews rate it 4 or 5 stars, with 66% of customers rating it 5 stars for its humor and entertainment value.
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New Orleans Best Seafood Restaurants
Most Recent Book Title: New Orleans Best Seafood Restaurants