Stephanie Chandler
Most Recent Book Title: The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan: The Professional Guide to Profitable Self-Publishing
Book Description: Are you ready to turn your passion into a profitable business?
The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan is loaded with proven strategies, real-world examples, and fascinating interviews with successful authors who started from scratch just like you. In this content-rich book, you will learn how to:
• Identify profit opportunities from and around your book
• Set up a legitimate and professional author-publisher business
• Write your manuscript faster than you thought possible
• Avoid mistakes new authors make and get your book published the right way
• Enlist beta readers, get endorsements from well-known authors, and generate book reviews
• Launch your book into the world with as much buzz as possible
As nonfiction authors, publishers, and internet entrepreneurs with over three decades of combined industry experience, we understand your unique goals and challenges. We also have the experience to show you how to produce your nonfiction book in the most professional way possible, while you turn your passion into a profitable business.
Whether you’re writing self-development, business, memoir, how-to, spiritual, narrative, or other nonfiction book, this authoritative guide by experienced industry professionals will provide you with the solutions you need to achieve your publishing goals.
Carla King
Most Recent Book Title: Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors, 3rd Edition
Book Description: Did you ever consider self-publishing your own book but were daunted by the complex process of actually doing it? Self-published author and expert Carla King gives a simple step-by-step guide to self-publishing your book as an e-book or print book. Plot your success by choosing the reputable tools and services recommended here, along with techniques that will help your book succeed in the market that you choose. – See more at: http://www.pbs.org/mediashift/how-to-self-publish-your-book#sthash.gHYnk0wV.dpuf
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Diane K. Bell
Most Recent Book Title: Publish Yourself To Wealth: Build Your Perpetual Prosperity Platform
Book Description: This book, the first in a series, is about a system that creates your very own perpetual prosperity platform. You’ll learn what YOU can do to claim your authority; become the distinctive leader you are and want to be; and discover shortcuts to the life you’ve declared you want to live.

You too, can leverage the one secret used by only 3% of one Harvard graduating class to create a combined net worth that exceeded the entire remaining 97% of their classmates…(as discovered in a study conducted decades ago.)

“If you had everything you need, including time, money and resources and you want to design your life and business perfectly, what would it look like 3 years from now?…10 years from now?”
You’ll discover lessons within the pages of this book, you’ll never learn in Ivy League institutions…and be fascinated by the results of others who’ve taken their first steps into the world of perpetual income.
Deborah Perkins
Most Recent Book Title: Life-Giving Prayer : Practical Ways to Improve Your Communication with God
Book Description: If you have avoided prayer because you found it dry, uninspired, or just plain boring, you are not alone. This fresh look at prayer and spiritual life by author and speaker Deborah Perkins will restore passion to your prayer life. With practical tips, personal examples and solid biblical teaching, Deborah tackles the issues many of us struggle with: How can I be sure I’m hearing from God? What if I’m too busy to pray? What do I do on a prayer retreat? This edition of Life-Giving Prayer also contains an appendix with extra resources for your devotional times. An excellent manual for both new and seasoned prayer warriors.
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Michell Pulliam
Most Recent Book Title: Real Talk
Book Description: A self-help, relationship book for women and men. The truth about marriage and relationships. What everyone is thinking, but no one wants to say. Full of candid, real life examples we all can relate to.
Website #1: michellpulliam.com
Cheryl Melody Baskin (Please call me “Melody”)
Most Recent Book Title: “Heart-Dreamer-Stepping into Life, Love, Creativity and Dreams-No Matter What.”
Book Description: Calling all dreamers! Heart-Dreamer contains 255 pages of inspiration, encouragement, support, and the life experiences and wisdom from Cheryl Melody Baskin and from people all over the world. Every word provides hope, healing, personal growth, self-discovery, experiential opportunities, heart-listening and love. Heart-Dreamer is here to say that no matter what you have gone through, you have the power to reach for the stars and step into your dreams!

Jennifer M. Gidley Ph.D
Most Recent Book Title: The Future: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press, 2017)
Book Description: Introduces the exciting field of futures studies, spanning social, cultural, and environmental innovations, as well as technological advances, and dispels some of the common misconceptions about the field.
Discusses the reality of multiple futures in a world of quantum possibility, and explores how we can become the creative agents of our desired futures.
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Renee Settle
Most Recent Book Title: The 30 Day Writing Workout for Entrepreneurs Blog Edition
Book Description: I’ve heard all the excuses why you, as an entrepreneur, can’t write your own blogs. The biggest one being, “I don’t have time to write.”
The second biggest excuse is, “I don’t know what to write about.”

In this workbook, I BUST through those excuses and show you how you can write blogs, using just 12 minutes every day.

You’ll save money AND time, which is important to any entrepreneur.
At the end of this workout, you’ll have 30 blogs you can post on a regular basis.

Stop making excuses and just write it!
Most Recent Book Title: Create Anewu Healthy Creations
Book Description: Create Anewu Healthy Creations, is for people that are having a hard time learning or liking, to eat healthy. HEALTHY CREATIONS, will show you how to change your very own meals into HEALTHY CREATIONS, by using healthy ingredients. You will be surprised and amazed, as you learn how much nutrition you can get by adding just a few key ingredients to an old recipe!
Larry Brummond
Most Recent Book Title: Beyond the Numbers: 5 Key Factors that Impact an Entrepreneur’s Success
Book Description: How successful you and your business are depends on good numbers (sales, cash flow, marketing, etc.) – supported by 5 key intangible factors. This book is about those key intangibles
Website #2: Larry Brummond