Ingrid Cheng
Most Recent Book Title: The Anti-Aging Secrets of Yoga
Book Description: This upcoming book will change the way you look at yoga. It focuses on how to bring mind, body and spirit into alignment. It has a 12-steps Healthy Inside-Out program that empowers you to be ageless.
Website #1: Fit-Twist Health
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Susan J. Mecca, Ph.D.
Most Recent Book Title: The Gift of Crisis: Finding your best self in the worst of times
Book Description: Crises can rip away our sense of control and shake our beliefs to the core, leaving us feeling stranded in unfamiliar territory. In The Gift of Crisis: Finding your best self in the worst of times Dr. Susan J. Mecca shows us how to tap into our greatest strengths, persevere through our most difficult times, and find the potential gifts that a crisis can bring. Brimming with real-life examples, current research, tools and proven strategies, The Gift of maps a path through the impossible and heart-breaking events in our lives. It inspires us to bring forth the best of ourselves in order to overcome the challenges we face and uncover the possibilities for personal growth or transformation.
Patrice Porter
Most Recent Book Title: Bringing Out the Potential of Children. Volume 2 Gardeners
Book Description: If you truly believe that our children are very capable learners and recognize their potential then this book is for you, to bring out their potential as gardeners/food producers. A beginners gardening guide.
●have youngsters creating an abundance of fresh produce in a garden.
●experience the delight of sharing the miracle of growing – taking a tiny seed and nurturing it into a mature food producing plant with the sense of wonderment it brings out in the children.
● gardening opens the door to having access to good nutritious food and the feeling of satisfaction in producing your own food.
●This book will give all you need to get started in that growing process and share in the delight of being a food producer.
I’ll cover all the way from choosing a gardening spot to bringing in the harvest. All done in a fun and inspiring way.
Kevin Fritz
Most Recent Book Title: Appamada
Book Description: Guide to spiritual awakening and enlightenment – crafted by a living buddha
Lois Stark
Most Recent Book Title: The Telling Image
Book Description: How do humans make sense of the world? In answer to this timeless question, award winning documentary filmmaker, Lois Farfel Stark, takes the reader on a remarkable journey from tribal ceremonies in Liberia and the pyramids in Egypt, to the gravity-defying architecture of modern China. Drawing on her experience as a global explorer, Stark unveils a crucial, hidden key to understanding the universe: Shape itself.

The Telling Image is a stunning synthesis of civilization’s changing mindsets, a brilliantly original perspective urging you to re-envision history not as a story of kings and wars but through the lens of shape. In this sweeping tour through time, Stark takes us from migratory humans, who imitated a web in round-thatched huts and stone circles, to the urban ladder of pyramids and skyscrapers, organized by hierarchy and measurements, to today’s world of interconnected networks.

In The Telling Image Stark reveals how buildings, behaviors, and beliefs reflect humans’ search for pattern and meaning. We can read the past and glimpse the future by watching when shapes shift. Stark’s beautifully illustrated book asks of all its readers: See what you think.
CJ Scarlet
Most Recent Book Title: The Badass Girl’s Guide: Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators
Book Description: The Badass Girl’s Guide: Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators is the one book criminal predators don’t want you to read. Filled with critical information about how to empower yourself to keep from becoming a crime statistic, this definitive, comprehensive guide contains facts and strategies not found in other personal security books.

From tips on how to “fail” the predator interview and avoid being targeted, to instructions on using your personal bodily “weapons” to defend yourself in a confrontation, CJ Scarlet offers everything you need to know to stay safe, fight if you must and navigate the criminal justice process if the worst happens.

If you read just one book on personal safety and self-defense in your lifetime, The Badass Girl’s Guide: Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators is the one for you!
Joanne Sonenshine
Most Recent Book Title: ChangeSeekers: Finding Your Path to Impact
Book Description: On a career path that one could only call circuitous, Joanne Sonenshine learned that what fulfilled her the most was, in many cases, the opposite of what she had originally planned for her journey. The tragedy that struck America on September 11, 2001 changed how she saw her life and her role in the world. It also changed what she thought she wanted in her career. With new priorities, she made some serious course corrections, and pointed herself toward fulfillment – a more complicated and subjective path, but ultimately more rewarding.

Now, with the perspective of hindsight, Sonenshine has condensed her experiences, and those of others who have made significant shifts in their professional and personal lives in order to improve the lives of many, into ChangeSeekers, a call to everyone who wants to make a difference and find their path to impact.

Sonenshine’s message is clear: Always question where you are headed and why. Take risks, explore creativity, find new ways of adding experience and relationships to your life. Question authority. Be curious, be brave, and find your passion.
Carla King
Most Recent Book Title: Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors, 3rd Edition
Book Description: Did you ever consider self-publishing your own book but were daunted by the complex process of actually doing it? Self-published author and expert Carla King gives a simple step-by-step guide to self-publishing your book as an e-book or print book. Plot your success by choosing the reputable tools and services recommended here, along with techniques that will help your book succeed in the market that you choose. – See more at: http://www.pbs.org/mediashift/how-to-self-publish-your-book#sthash.gHYnk0wV.dpuf
Website #2: Author Friendly
Lisa A. Jahn
Most Recent Book Title: In His Hands
Book Description: A memoir of a tragic accident that offered insight and strengthened faith.
David B. Savage
Most Recent Book Title: Break Through To Yes: Unlocking the Possible Within a Culture of Collaboration
Book Description: KIRKUS REVIEW
A book thoroughly examines the power of successful collaborations.

Canadian collaboration expert Savage (a contributor to Ready, Aim, Excel, 2012) offers a work that couldn’t be more timely. While it addresses organizational collaboration, this book could be interpreted more broadly as a treatise on building a cooperative culture within families, groups, businesses, and government. In a collection of concise chapters, Savage leads the reader through a discussion of the meaning and value of collaboration. The author supplements his own experiences over more than four decades with extensive quotes from experts and results from surveys that he conducted; in effect, he collaborated far and wide to garner input for this volume.
Website #2: http://c2cadr.com/