Tamara MonosoffName: Tamara Monosoff

Website URL: TamaraMonosoff.com 

What shift do authors need to make today?

Authors need to step outside of their comfort zone and embrace technology. Readers are digesting information differently today than ever before. Therefore, authors need to respond to this. With 4,500 books printed daily on Amazon, it’s essential to take the necessary steps to make your books jump to life. The best way to do this is to make your books interactive using up-to-date technology. Both printed and ebooks can be made interactive by sprinkling videos throughout the text. This way, your book will no longer be one-dimensional. Instead, it will become dynamic and engaging, which is what people have come to expect, and this is directly tied to generating more income as an author. 

What is the #1 mistake that authors make with regards to generating income?

There are many ways to generate income that authors often miss. It’s not their fault. They just don’t know how to do it yet. One thing that every author should do is create a “Invitation to the Reader” page that follows the title page. This invitation should have live links to freebies/gifts that the reader could benefit from receiving. In return for the gift, the reader needs to provide a name and email address (opt-in) so that the author can follow up and begin nurturing that relationship. Once readers know and trust the author, they are much more likely to sign up for other programs and services that the author may offer.

What are some examples of ways that authors can generate immediate revenue with their books and beyond?

Every author should have an Amazon Affiliate account. Every time they post their own book on their website or social media, it should be connected to their affiliate link. This way, the author will make an additional 4% on every book that is sold.

If an author recommends other books or products to their clients, colleagues or friends, they can also use their affiliate link for these other items. This is another way that authors can generate additional income.

Once someone has clicked and entered Amazon via your affiliate links, Amazon considers this a “shopping session” and will give you a percentage (usually 4%-6%) on anything else in which that person purchases while on Amazon.

Why should authors embrace the media?

Oftentimes, self-doubt creeps in and we don’t feel worthy of coverage, or we simply don’t know how to approach the media. The media is desperately looking for new stories every day. It is easier to get featured in the media than you might think!

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