Expert Round-Up Topic: What are your favorite podcasts for nonfiction authors and why?What are your favorite podcasts and why


My current favorite podcast is Between the Covers with David Naimon. It’s an interview-based podcast that features a different writer each week. I find the information divulged in each episode to be very valuable.

Between the Covers features writers from all walks of life—fiction, nonfiction, screenwriters, poets—basically anyone who has had some level of notoriety and success. The host has great questions, and I like the flow because I always learn a new trick to apply to my writing process.

The other podcast that I enjoy is So You Want to Be a Writer. It’s a fun and entertaining podcast hosted by two Australian women. This show covers a wide range of writing-focused topics and is full of insight and advice to help writers of all kinds.

My favorite aspect of So You Want to Be a Writer is the diversity of topics the podcast covers. You get insight into everything, from breaking writer’s block to how to shop for a publisher.

Chaz Wyland
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I have certain podcasts I like to listen to for entertainment, but then there are some that really help with personal and professional development, which in the end does contribute to my self-care.

One of my favorite podcasts to listen to for self-care and personal development is the Trauma Therapist with Guy McPherson. Guy has over 500 episodes interviewing a number of clinicians, therapists, authors, and other people who work in the realm of wellness and self-care. His podcast has really helped me to work through my own trauma. It has also contributed to the knowledge I have gained on how trauma affects other people and how we can best use that trauma to grow from. His message goes right along with the purpose of my book, which discusses post traumatic growth (PTG). Struggle is inevitable, but how we handle it will depend ln whether we grow from it. So let us celebrate the struggle!<>


Dr. Aiklah’s Change Cadet podcast is highly recommended. Dr. Akilah Cadet is considered the Olivia Pope of diversity. She’s a force to reckon with having found Change Cadet, a consultancy firm.


I’ve done around 10 podcasts over the past 2 1/2 months and rather than state which ones are the best, I think it would be more useful if I tell you why I’d like the ones that I’ve appeared on:
most of the podcasters I’ve appeared on use social media to spread the word better than I do, although I do try to use social media daily, and therefore the podcast has a greater reach than if I were myself a podcaster. I also choose to pitch to podcasts where the host has values I respect and is also a good interviewer. In short, I like to be on podcasts I am proud to be on. Other than that, nonfiction authors need to find the subject matter of podcasts that aligns with what they write about.


My favorite podcasts for nonfiction authors are Frank Kern’s Ask Frank Kern: and Jeff Walker’s:
Why these podcasts? Because these podcasts focus on marketing, and no matter what you’re trying to get into the hands of consumers, be it a product, service, or your book, without marketing you’re dead in the water. They also give great business ideas, which helps when I am writing a book for myself or coauthoring with a client.
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These podcasts are helpful. I have listened to them for years:

Duct Tape Marketing isn’t just about marketing. For instance, the most recent episode stresses the need for patience and how to achieve it. The most recent episode of the Social Bamboo explains how to avoid high-pressure sales, which is helpful for book marketers.

Build Your Tribe offers Charlene Johnson, who suffers from ADHD. She shares how to be productive as a full-time entrepreneur and mother. Even Recode Daily shares how to turn a part-time gig into a full-time job, which helps authors who write part-time.

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