Favorite websites for author guidanceWe sent out a query asking nonfiction authors “what are  your favorite websites for author advice and guidance?” Here are their replies:

Bronwen Sciortino

I love the Australian Self-Publisher (www.australianselfpublisher.com) and the Book Baby (www.bookbaby.com) websites and blogs – loads of information about what’s happening all around the world and lots of practical, simple and easy to implement tips.

Bronwen Sciortino – Author of ‘Keep It Super Simple – Tips from a Recovering Perfectionist’.

Karen Putz

My favorite website for author advice is through Jerry Jenkins, www.jerryjenkins.com. Jerry includes writing tips and concrete suggestions for writing both fiction and non-fiction. Jerry has written nearly 200 books, so he definitely knows his stuff!

Ben Sowter
I found globalpublishingroup.com.au to be invaluable to budding authors. Global publishing runs 3-day workshops that teach how publishing a book can grow your business or even create new business opportunities from the book itself. Suitable for those interested in self publishing or wanting creative control over the publishing process.

Ben Sowter, an international author, speaker and intuition expert who teaches individuals, entrepreneurs and corporations how to dramatically boost productivity and profitability with little effort and cost, by turning their innate gut feeling into a powerful resource of intuitive guidance.

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