Fiction versus NonfictionFiction is entertainment, it has to compete with all other forms of entertainment and activity. Not just other books but going sailing, taking your children to the zoo, and gardening.

Nonfiction on the other hand is something that people buy to save time or money. Your book is a valuable short course to the subject. Consequently nonfiction doesn’t compete with other books or any other activity. People are willing to pay you $20 or $30 for the information.

Consequently, fiction is more difficult to sell.

Many publishers will advise that you work on your nonfiction first and save the fiction until you can afford it.

I have observed that fiction writers are lovely, interesting, fascinating people who are really fun at cocktail parties.

But nonfiction authors often drive better cars. 

“The difference between fiction and reality?

Fiction has to make sense.”

—Tom Clancy, author.

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