Have you ever wanted to be featured in big media outlets? Not only does it provide exposure for your book, but it also builds your credibility as an author. Media begets media so it’s good to start building these habits so that you can garner the accolades for your book which could help you sell more books and paid partnerships. Here are four ways you can get massive media attention along with paid partnerships.The Money Master by Sandy Yong

1. Hire a professional photographer

First, hire a photographer and do a professional photoshoot. For a few hundred dollars, you can go into a studio or an outdoor setting to take professional headshots. This will help you with your branding. You can use these photos for your website, marketing materials, social media profiles and your book! Most importantly, a media kit is a nicely designed marketing piece that showcases your background, your book and your areas of expertise. It’s a great way to secure media interviews.

2. Start marketing your book before you write it

Once you have your book cover designed, you can start marketing your book right away. You can hire a graphic designer to help you with your book cover. It should have an attractive title, subtitle and eye-catching image. This gives you more lead time to do pre-orders and get book buzz. It’s also good to rotate between newspaper, radio, magazines, podcasts, book reviews, articles and blogs. If you are consistent and persistent, you’ll gradually gain more media exposure.

3. Sign up for websites that are looking for experts like you!

You can use different sources to get media attention. These include:

HARO: Helpareporter.com is a website that connects journalists to experts like you. Journalists are on a deadline to submit their article. They need experts to share their advice. You can sign up and receive 3 emails per day and you can submit your quote and have the opportunity to be featured in various media outlets. Make sure you provide genuine and unique tips that will make you stand out. Be concise and make it easy for the journalist to quote you.

Matchmaker.fm is a website that connects podcast hosts with guest speakers. You can select which area of expertise you would like to focus on and you will get paired with potential podcast hosts. Being interviewed on podcasts will also provide more exposure for your book and showcase you as a subject matter expert.

Facebook groups: You can find a Facebook group that is based on your book topic. For example, if your book is about how to start a business, then you can find entrepreneurship groups within your local community. Join these groups and participate in the discussions. Sometimes they have online events or local meetups that you can attend and make new connections.

4. Host a book launch party

Once your book is published, host a book launch party. After countless hours of writing your book, it’s a great way to celebrate your huge accomplishment. In addition, take advantage of this opportunity to invite local media to cover your event! You can invite your city councilor, your charity (if you are connected to one), your sponsors and complementary businesses that can provide door prizes. You may also want to have a speaker panel to share their expertise about a specific topic of interest.

You will also want to consider hiring a videographer and photographer to document the event. This way you can use the footage to promote it on your website and social media channels.
You can set up a designated area to sell and autograph your books and meet all your fans.

5. Attract paid partnerships

As you grow your audience and gain more exposure, you will be approached by companies for paid partnerships or collaborations. These can be local businesses and could possibly lead to national companies. The more proactive you are with networking, the more connections you will make. You will have to exercise patience as it will take time to grow those business relationships that could potentially blossom into paid gigs. Always as for a testimonial after you have completed each project so that you can add it to your website and gain credibility. You never know who may be in the audience that could hire you for your next paid partnership or speaking engagement.

Remember, start marketing your book from day one! Don’t delay this process. The earlier you start, the easier it is for you to generate lots of book buzz and take pre-orders. Start small and work your way up to big media outlets. Eventually, you’ll be approached by companies that will pay you for your services and expertise. By implementing these strategies, you can gain lots of media attention for your book and grow your business.

Author Bio:

When Sandy started her career, she naively invested in high-fee, high-risk mutual funds and lost thousands in the stock market. Feeling frustrated, she decided to become a self-directed investor and successfully generated a 6-figure investment portfolio by age 27. She’s also a real estate investor owning several rental properties. As a Keynote Speaker, she teaches millennials how to invest in the stock market and real estate. With her decade of experience and expertise, Sandy has published her award-winning book, The Money Master. She has been featured in 100+ media outlets including Forbes, NBC News and Yahoo! Finance. Connect with Sandy: Website: www.sandyyong.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themoneymasterbook/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/themoneymasterbook

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