How do I join the Nonfiction Authors Association?

Please visit our Join page and choose a membership level.

How do I upgrade to an Authority or VIP Member?

Go to the Join page, and choose your membership level and payment option. Once your payment is processed and you login to this site, you will have immediate access to premium features.

What is the difference between Authority and VIP membership?

VIP membership is our “all you can eat plan.” It includes Platinum registration for the Nonfiction Writers Conference in May. It also includes access to our 12-module Ultimate Author Marketing video course, and all of our popular Author Toolkits. Total added value for VIP: $1,653!

What if I don't use Paypal?

Paypal is NOT required to join! When you check out, our shopping cart system allows you to pay by credit card. You can also request to register manually by sending your request via email to Chela.

What if I don't want to pay online?

We are happy to process payments manually by phone. Please send your request via email to Chela and she will make arrangements with you.

How do I change my password?
What if I'm having trouble logging in or I get locked out?

Please send an email to customer service for help.

How do I set up a NEW public profile?

If you have trouble setting up your profile initially, here’s how to get it started. Once you login to the site, you will see a “Member Pages” menu in the upper right sidebar. Click on NFAA Members Home Page > Set up Your Author Profile.

How do I revise my existing public profile?

You will need to locate your profile in the member directory to make changes. Make sure you are logged in to the site, and then click on the Member Directory menu at the top or in the right sidebar. Locate your profile and once displayed, click on the Edit button.

How do I access the PODCAST recordings and other member benefits?

Authority and VIP members have access to recordings of our teleseminars, bonus downloads, and other benefits. To access member benefits, make sure you’re logged in and then visit the NFAA Member Dashboard.

Is membership in NFAA tax deductible?

We are not a non-profit, though your membership fees may still be considered an educational or other business expense. Please speak with your accountant for advice.

How do I update my credit card?

Note: If you registered with a standard credit card (NOT Paypal), click here to go to Stripe, our credit card processor.

If you registered through Paypal, please follow these instructions. (All memberships prior to 2022 we processed with Paypal.)
Log in to your PayPal account.
Click Wallet at the top of the page.
Click the card you want to update.
Click Edit.
Enter the new expiration date and the last 3-digit security code (CSC) on the back of the card.
Click Save.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. The process to cancel depends on how you paid.

If you paid by credit card (NOT Paypal), you can access the Customer Payment Hub here. Simply input your email address and you will receive a link to access any purchases with NFAA.

If you paid through Paypal (members who registered prior to 2022 are listed in Paypal), here are the steps:

1. Login to Paypal
2. Click here to go to your subscription payments dashboard.
3. If you have multiple subscriptions listed in Paypal, look for the one labeled Nonfiction Authors Association.
4. Click the Cancel button and follow the prompts to confirm your settings.

Note you can also access the Recurring Payments screen from a menu option on your Paypal home page (after you have logged in).

Note that once you cancel your paid membership and your membership term expires, you will lose access to all premium membership features including the private Facebook group, members-only discounts to courses and events, weekly media leads, database of educational content, etc.

Additional Contact Information
Contact customer support with general questions, technical support, help with logging into the NFAA site, or accessing your member benefits online.
Contact Chela for manual membership payment processing or membership renewal, or JOIN HERE. Chela also manages the Nonfiction Book Awards program and manual registration for the Nonfiction Writers Conference.

Do you have a question that isn’t listed here? Please send us an email.