• Your personal community: your family, friends, and relativesFrom Me to We: Crowdsourcing Your Success by Serving Your Communities by Michael Larsen
  • Your test-marketing community: people who give you feedback on every aspect of your writing and communication
  • Your publishing community: authors, publishers, publicists, experts on the kind of books you’re writing, and booksellers
  • Your community of fans: avid readers who follow you online, attend your events, and buy whatever you create
  • Your community of authors in your field: writers with whom you can share ideas, questions and problems
  • Your street-team community: evangelists who adore you and your work, and champion you and your books every chance they get
  • Your community of influencers: platforms like Goodreads and mavens whose praise generates sales and attendance
  • Your community of collaborators: people to help you monetize and publicize your work
  • Your community of mentors: professionals you can count on for advice
  • Your media network: people who give you time and space, online and off
  • Your bookselling community: booksellers who welcome you when you tour and display your books prominently, and handsell them
  • Your community of nerds: a network of techies for help with technology and social media
  • Your speaking community: speakers, audiences, clients, bureaus, and members of speakers’ organizations
  • Your travel community: people around the country who tell you about local media, booksellers, and literary events, and give you a place to stay
  • Your mastermind network: five-to-nine professionals, perhaps with varying business expertise, who meet every two weeks, on the phone or in person, and serve as the board of directors for each other, sharing advice and making commitments to each other that they follow up on at the next meeting
  • Your community of causes: institutions and causes you’re passionate about with which you share your resources

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