Get a model bookVisit a bookstore and go to the section where your book is going to be.

To find a book that appeals to you. Consider the cover: hardcover or soft. Check  the color of the paper. Do you like the way the pages are laid out? How about the size of the type and the way the chapters start off.

When you find a book you like, purchase it, bring it home, and use it as a model. You will take this book to your typesetter and printer and ask them to adapt the design.

Respect the category.

While in the stores, you will notice that each category has a unique design.

Cookbooks may be wider than they are tall so they will lay flat on the counter.

Computer books are always in softcover. Who needs a durable book on computer use?

Travel books may be tall, skinny, on light-weight paper, with rounded corners, so they will slip easily into a pocket or a pack.

Respect the category, make your book look like it belongs on the shelf.

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