Do you have a team that you’d like to register as members of the Nonfiction Authors Association? We offer group membership options at the VIP level.

Group membership is ideal for:

  • Publishers
  • Corporations
  • Local writers’ groups
  • Speakers’ groups
  • Publicity firms
  • Marketing firms

Benefits for VIP Members:


Media Leads for Authors: VIP members receive a weekly round-up of publicity opportunities delivered to your inbox every Friday. This exciting benefit gives you the opportunity to reach out to podcasters seeking guests, bloggers seeking content, and other media outlets. Learn more about Media Leads for Authors.

Teleseminar Recordings (POPULAR!): While all members can participate in our weekly teleseminars via live access, only Authority and VIP members receive access to the recording archives, which you can download and enjoy at your leisure.

Educational Content: We release new content each Sunday night, including templates, checklists, worksheets, recordings, reports, and other exclusive content meant to make your author journey easier.

Weekly Marketing Homework: These popular emails are sent each Monday and cover one suggested strategy for marketing your books, giving you a goal for the week. Homework assignments are archived for later viewing.

Access to Community Forum: Our private Facebook group is a community gathering place for members to connect, ask and answer publishing-related questions, share ideas and resources, and support each other. This group is a powerful membership benefit and provides a fantastic way to connect and become part of our tribe! Our members are located around the globe and being part of our community allows you to form alliances and support each other.

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Meeting

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Meeting

Local Chapter Meetings: VIP members receive FREE admission to local chapter meetings across the U.S., Canada, and U.K. Meetings are open to the public and admission ranges from $5 to $15. View a list of our local chapters here.

Meet the Members Program: Members can share a book announcement via an online form found in your member dashboard. Each member can submit a book announcement up to two times per year. We compile these announcements in our monthly Meet the Members email to ALL of our subscribers. In addition, members are invited to contribute an interview and get featured on our blog, which is also shared across our social media networks which have a combined reach of over 100k followers!

Special Benefits for VIP Members Only:

In addition to ALL of the benefits that Authority members receive, VIP members get the following:

  • Platinum Access to BOTH Nonfiction Writers Conference Events – NFWC events are conducted entirely online. The main event is held in May, and our Fall conference is held in December. VIP members get Platinum access to both events at no charge (includes event recordings and transcripts). This benefit pays for VIP membership all by itself!
    Value: $575
  • Ultimate Author Marketing Course – This 12-module course is delivered online (recorded webinars) and covers everything from blogging and website optimization to social media, Amazon, book reviews, revenue generation and advanced book marketing tactics. Value: $697
  • Ultimate Author Toolkits – Our one-of-a-kind toolkits provide an assortment of digital content to help you accelerate your author journey. Each kit includes over a dozen reports, checklists, worksheets and recordings, covering the following topics: Writing Nonfiction Books, Self-Publishing, Traditional Publishing, Websites, Blogging and Social Media, Professional Speaking and Book Marketing. Value: $282
  • Nonfiction Writers Conference Greatest Hits – A collection of eight of our favorite sessions for you. Includes recordings only (Value: $99):
    • Pat Flynn – Passive Income for Authors – NFWC 2016
    • Helen Sedwick – Protecting Your Rights and Your Wallet: Copyright, Trademarks and Other Legal Details for Authors – NFWC 2016
    • Cathey Armillas – How to Pitch, Prepare and Deliver a Killer TED Talk – NFWC 2015
    • Dana Lynn Smith – How to Launch and Market Your Book – NFWC 2015
    • Linda Hollander – How to Attract Lucrative Corporate Sponsorships – NFWC 2014
    • Jason Van Orden – Leverage Video and Podcasting to Build Your Audience – NFWC 2014
    • Chris Garrett – Blogging for Authors – NFWC 2013
    • Sandra Beckwith – DIY PR – NFWC 2013

Total added membership value: $1,653!

Discounted Group Membership Packages

Welcome Kit for Authority Members (Yearly Membership Level)

New member welcome kit, shipped to U.S. members only. International members receive a special digital gift.

Group membership packages are available at discounted annual rates as shown below. You will also receive our popular welcome kit–one for each member–which includes the following:

  • Branded tote bag
  • “Writer at Work” coffee mug
  • Coaster
  • “Writer at Work” door hanger
  • Book: The Nonfiction Book Marketing Plan OR The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan

We often include bonus items in our welcome kits as well, so you never know what surprises you’ll find inside.

After purchasing group membership below, please send us an email with your member names and email addresses. Group memberships are processed manually, typically within two business days. You will receive confirmation via email once memberships are processed and added to the site. Each member will receive a unique login to the site and can create their own online profile.

We look forward to having you as part of our community!

Includes all benefits of VIP membership for up to five people.
  • Retail Value: $3,450
  • Savings: 20%
PER YEAR$2,760
Includes all benefits of VIP membership for up to ten people.
  • Retail Value: $6,900
  • Savings: 30%
per year$4,830
Includes all benefits of VIP membership for up to twenty people.
  • Retail Value: $13,800
  • Savings: 40%
per year$8,280
Questions? Contact us anytime.