Cross-promotion between authors, at first glance, doesn’t seem like the most brilliant idea, does it?How Authors Can Work Together to Promote Their Books by Nicolas Walker After all, they are competing in the same market selling their products to the same consumers. So, how can two authors working together be beneficial? Is it possible for two competitors to collaborate and ensure that they both get an equal slice of the pie?

It turns out that marketing a book is a lot easier when two authors collaborate. Cross-promotion is, in fact, a cost-effective way for authors to draw attention to their newly published books and create buzz around their work. Cross-promotion also helps build networks in the industry that contribute significantly to book sales, contracts, and rewarding, professional relationships. Here are a few ways authors can work together to promote their books.

Collaborate with a Non-Competing Author

Working with an author who publishes in a different genre is one of the best cross-promotion approaches. For instance, an author who writes fiction can collaborate with an author who writes non-fiction. The two authors can promote each other’s work to their fans through various platforms, such as social media or their respective websites.

Such collaboration avoids issues caused by competing interests, assuring that each author gets his or her work exposed to new readers. Since both authors serve different market interests, it is unlikely that this form of cooperation can result in a conflict of interest.

Mutual Book Promotion through Newsletters

Another solid way for authors to promote each other’s books is through newsletters. Authors tend to amass a fan base over time. Most of these fans regularly check the author’s site for updates on upcoming books. It is likely that the fans will sign up for the author’s newsletter so that they can get the latest news and updates from the author. That means most established authors tend to have a large mailing list.

The list can be used to promote the books of other authors from time to time. If you have a mailing list, you can approach other authors and discuss cross-promotion opportunities. The potential payoff for this method is huge.

Imagine having thousands of avid readers being alerted to your new book via an email from an author they know and have a relationship with. Such alerts are instant endorsements, making it even more likely that readers will buy your book.

Free Book Promotion

If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to promote your new book and recruit other authors for your promotion, you should try making your book free.

People love free stuff. That includes your fellow authors. They are unlikely to pass up an opportunity to give their readers a copy of a free book, provided it is well-written. So, if you find yourself constantly bothered by questions like how to promote my book, recruiting other authors to help with the promotion is not a bad idea. The only thing you have to do is agree to do a free book promotion. Give out a few free copies, and you can be sure that within a short time, your name will reach thousands of people.

Social Media Cross-Promotions

Social media is undoubtedly the biggest marketing platform authors can use free of charge. While you can rely on your own social media following and reach to promote your book, engaging in cross-promotion with other authors on social media can go a long way. In fact, social media cross-promotion can help you reach more people than Kindle book promotions.

Social media is a highly effective way to promote your work. Research shows many consumer decisions are the direct result of social media posts. That means readers are more likely to purchase your book if they read about it from a social media post. The decision to buy the book is further enhanced if the post comes from an author the reader identifies with. That is what makes social media cross-promotion such an effective tool for all authors, regardless of the genre.

Content Marketing

Another great way to recruit other authors to help you promote your book is through content marketing. Being an author, generating useful content for readers should come as second nature. You can take some of that content pitch it to other authors. If they agree to post it on their websites, make sure they agree to include a short self-promotional section about your book. This should help you get your book in front of thousands of eyeballs who might just buy it. Content marketing is perhaps the best answer if you are looking for ways of how to promote your book.

Accept Interviews from Other Authors

Another great cross-promotion method you’ll want to take advantage off is interview opportunities. If an author approaches you and requests an interview, go ahead and accept it, especially if it’s a video interview. Video interviews serve authors very well, especially on social media and video sharing sites such as YouTube. They can help you get in front of thousands of readers without spending a dime on advertising. Just remember to be natural during the interview. Don’t over-advertise yourself. Letting the readers know about your books should come about naturally.

These are many other ways you to build traction for your new book, but through cross-promotion, you do not have to spend a lot of money on an advertisement budget, which makes it a fantastic opportunity for both authors.

Author Bio:

Nicolas Walker is a content developer for EduBirdie. He specializes in content marketing – helping websites to receive exposure on different online platforms. When he is not working, Nicolas likes to hike around White City, Kansas and volunteer at the local animal shelter. He’s also adamant that Kansas has the best sunrise this side of the hemisphere.