This month we asked nonfiction authors to answer this question: How do You Use Review Copies of Your Book for Marketing Purposes? Here’s what they had to say: How do you use review copies of your book for marketing

Nicholas Anderson: There’s nothing mysterious about this process. I’ve been successful with book sales by sending them to armed forces, military and security-related media companies’ reviewers who professionally lean towards my kind of material to start with. In music you send your heavy metal recordings to likeminded heavy metal lovers to proffer their opinions, not those in reggae, soul or classical. Square pegs into round holes don’t go.

Nicholas Anderson is a retired 20-year veteran P (production) intelligence officer for the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service, who is the author of four books about his career in The NOC Trilogy + a supplement

Robert Gerrish: My book is aimed at those starting or growing a very small business, I spent time researching small business podcasts, compiling a list of the Top 20. I then emailed the show host suggesting a topic and offering a review copy of my book. To date I have had interviews with 8 of my target list and promoted my book heavily. The process took time, but podcasts stay around for years and each interview will build in reach over time.

Robert Gerrish, Founder of Flying Solo, author of The 1-Minute Commute, podcaster and presenter.

Lauren Clemett: Reviews are social proof that your book has value and is being downloaded and read.

Given there are millions of books available on the Amazon platform, it’s vital you go through the process of a marketing plan to ensure you have reviews BEFORE you launch and people have a reason to download your book.

Time is such a valuable commodity today and no-one needs to waste time downloading a book that will not help them. They want evidence that they are making a good choice.

I also suggest you build in a review process in your community/sales funnel/marketing plan so you have fresh, new reviews added all the time.

Lauren Clemett
Award-winning personal branding specialist

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