This month we asked nonfiction authors to answer this question: How has being an author impacted your life?How has being an author impacted your life?

Bracha Goetz

Writing books for children about the benefits of eating healthfully has impacted my life greatly. I am much more conscious of the wonders of our natural food, and it is now rare for me to even want to eat anything unhealthy. I have learned to linger longer and mindfully savor the abundance of goodness available in the abundance of fruits and veggies growing in the magnificent Garden in which we get to live.

Bracha Goetz is the Harvard-educated author of 40 children’s books:

Greg Mohr

Since publishing my WSJ best selling book “Real Freedom, Why Franchises Are Worth Considering and How They Can Be Used For Building Wealth” I have had may people reach out to me telling how inspiring it is. They have realized now there is more to life than just the 9-5 job. It is a great feeling knowing that I have reached so many people with stories of how others have have changed their lives through business ownership. Business has been phenomenal since I wrote the book. The people who have responded to it are excited about changing their lives and are looking forward to discussing their goals and aspirations with me. There is book in all of us. No matter what business you are in you should write a book even if others have already written one in your field. No one has heard it from your point of view.

I have managed restaurants, been a micro-electric circuit engineer, owned and operated dry cleaners, storage units, rental properties, and franchises and have helped hundreds of people invest in a few hundred franchise units.

Robert Carnes

Being an author has always been a personal goal, but I always imagined that I’d be writing novels instead of nonfiction. However, I’ve found some success with building my personal brand and influence with my first nonfiction book. My latest book is being published this fall and it’s already opening up new opportunities for me to speak and work with more organizations. People respect published authors and it’s a guaranteed conversation starter. Find my upcoming book, The Story Cycle, here:

Bridget Foliaki- Davis

Writing has helped me travel the world and see my area of expertise in a completely different light. I went from someone who closely guarded her industry secrets to an over sharer of information and inspiration. Writing helped me create a multi million dollar business and has helped develop how I think, how I react and how I interact with the world.

Bridget Foliaki-Davis : Multi award winning author, chef, nutritionist and food fiend.

Kathy Fray

Becoming a maternity author (first published by Random House in 2005) completely and utterly changed the trajectory of my life! Since then I have written another maternity book and two parenting books; developed many other maternity-related resources; spoken multiple times internationally and on TV/radio … being an author fundamentally went on to impact so much of What I Stand For. Even today, nearly twenty years since starting the journey of writing that first book, next weekend I am again speaking again at a large annual Baby Show expo. Becoming a published author ended up hugely defining Who I Am (including going on to complete tertiary midwifery qualifications and research).

Bio: Managing Director of, Kathy Fray is an award-winning best-selling maternity author, midwife and global thought-leader on perinatal integrative healthcare.


Sasha Laghonh

“Being an author has introduced me to new genres of reading and meeting people outside the typical professional circles. Through communicating and exchanging ideas, I’ve discovered niche topics that can enrich my future writing endeavors. It’s pushed me outside my comfort zone to explore topics from many different perspectives. It’s been a great source of education in learning about life and getting to know myself better in the process. Writing regularly delivers a certain sense of maturity in how writers engage with their audiences. Every time I’ve written a new piece, I’ve entered or departed a certain chapter of my life. In the process it’s allowed me to refine my critical thinking skills in terms of questioning life around me. Answers appear when we ask the right questions. Writing has helped me do this.” — Sasha Laghonh, Founder, Sasha Talks

Mini Bio: Sasha is a Founder and Entrepreneur of a platform that integrates self & professional development into nurturing meaningful outcomes. As a speaker, mentor and author, she partners alongside different clients, from individuals to organizations, to capitalize upon their talent. To learn more, please visit

Allen Klein

I’m an award-winning professional speaker, yet I almost failed speech class in college. What changed was authoring my first book, The Healing Power of Humor. In order to promote the book, I had to do public presentations. That lead to people asking me to address their organization or keynote at their conference. Sudden a new career began, one I had never considered due to my previous stage fright. I put my fear of public speaking in the background and continued doing presentations knowing what I was saying changed people’s lives. Little did I know when I wrote The Healing Power of Humor how much it would change mine too. -Allen Klein

Allen Klein is a TEDx presenter, award-winning speaker and author of such books as The Healing Power of Humor, Embracing Life After Loss, and The AWE Factor.

Honesty Liller

I published my first book in February. Since then, it has served it’s purpose for sure. I have been in recovery from a heroin addiction since May 27, 2007. I wanted to not only write about my addiction and recovery, but share with the world that you can get through anything if you allow yourself to heal. “Scattered Pink” is about my life, childhood trauma, addiction/recovery, being a female CEO, marriage and mom life. I have already had so many reach out to me thanking me for my courage to speak out and make changes in my life as well as in our community. When a mom reaches out to me about their daughter that is in active addiction, those are the most heartfelt messages I have gotten. I am the CEO of The McShin Foundation, author, entrepreneur, wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend. Link to LinkedIn:

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