carve out time for book marketingWe recently reached out to authors to find out how they carve out time for book marketing. Here’s what they had to say:

Tanya Williams

I launched a book in March which was a best seller on Amazon. The best way is to schedule time in your calendar and commit to it. Without action nothing happens. Consider what is the best use of your available time and what will get the biggest results and focus on that. Also engage partners & your community to help you market the book for you. Think collaboration!

Tanya Williams – Author of A Childfree Happily Ever After

Pam Brossman

I don’t specifically carve out time but I do strategically market my book everywhere. Here are some of the strategies I use as a 13 Times #1 Amazon Best selling Author:
1. Include my book in my signature and on the back of my business cards;
2. Include links to my books in all my social media bios and banners [when not promoting other programs];
3. Include links to my other books in the front and back of each book for cross promotion;
4. Run feeder promotions on Amazon and rotate them. Every month do a discount offer on one book to introduce your book to new readers [with cross promotion links inside], for your other books;
5. I also put my book at the bottom of every blog post and also on the side of my blog post so that visitors who pop in from different social media profiles, can see my books.

Pam Brossman | 13 Times #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Speaker & Expertise Marketing Mentor

Samantha Riley

It’s so easy to let the squeaky wheel get the oil, so the way around this is to time-block.

I put time aside every Monday for marketing strategy, and small blocks on Tuesday and Thursday for podcast interviews, guest interviews, social media and cross-collaborations.

Being visible is critical to our success as authors, experts & thought leaders – because the person who is known gets the business.

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Scarlett Kennedy

I’m the author of two non fiction books and am in university, have one job,  three little businesses on the side, with the fourth coming up soon. As you can see, I have very little time to market my books. However, I created a plan and I’ve set aside certain days to work on the tasks. I keep a little notepad beside me to document how much time each task has taken to complete. Following that, I write down how to optimize so I could spend less time on the task, yet get the best results. Another thing I do, is market on platforms where I can essentially be “immortal” I.e. people will always watch that specific video, or the forum, or blog post.

Allan Dib

Hire a team to assist you with your marketing efforts. It’s better to delegate and see results than to do nothing because you’re overwhelmed or unsure of where to begin. With an ops manager, copywriter and marketing assistant, I just need to focus on showing up, sharing my knowledge and hopefully inspiring my audience. They do the rest.

Allan Dib is a bestselling author, sought-after business coach, and successful entrepreneur. Founder of Successwise 

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