We’ve all heard the saying that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I sure do! It’s not surprising that I’m inclined to do the same with a graphic featuring a book and I bet many others are, too!

How to Create Fun Graphics with Your Book Cover

So how do you create fun, eye-catching graphics with your book cover so you can make a great impression on potential readers? My favorite tool is Book Brush! Book Brush makes it fun and easy for authors to create snazzy advertising and social media images. Fun? Yes! Easy, too? Yes, and quick, too!

Book Brush was developed to give authors an easy way to create professional looking graphics and there are several cool features to check out. You can register for a free Book Brush account, watch the ‘how to get started’ tutorial video and you are on your way. You upload your book covers – as easy as drag and drop – and you are ready to get started creating images!

Fun Graphic Option #1 – 3D Creator

You can use the 3D Creator to convert your 2D book cover to a 3D book cover with just two clicks of your mouse. Because Book Brush was created specifically for authors, you’ll see tons of template options, including a variety of industry specific choices such as books and tablets at various angles, phones, e-readers, and several with hands attached.

Choose a standalone 3D image of your book cover, pick a cover reveal template for your next release or click a few more times to create an awesome collage of your book cover. It might be hard to choose just one and that’s okay because showing your book cover in several formats will give readers the message that your book is available in various ways! The repetition of the book cover might create a sense of familiarity and help readers remember your book when they are ready to buy!

Here is a snapshot of just some of the book template choices:

Fun Graphic Option 1 – 3D Creator

Fun Graphic Option #2 – Custom Creator

The Custom Creator in Book Brush is where it gets even more fun. I promise, you don’t need to be a techy person or super savvy about designing marketing materials to get a nice looking image within a few minutes! Book Brush offers pre-sized ads with dimensions perfect for Facebook, BookBub, Instagram and Twitter – just what authors need for advertising!

You’ll pick an ad size and then on to choosing a background. I think you’ll be surprised by the awesome selection of backgrounds because you can search from over 1 million images! You can also upload your own background or opt for simply adding a background color! One of the neatest (AND easiest) ways to create a truly unique and one-of a kind image is to use your own book cover as the background. You probably spent a lot of thought, time and money on your book cover so why not use it? It’s a slick way to have an extra bit of visual recognition in your ad, too! Additional options for your image include adding text and stamps – such as the Buy now at Amazon stamp and the stars.

Fun Graphic Option 2 – Custom Creator

Fun Graphic Option #3 – Community Templates

If you swear up and down that you just aren’t the creative type, you will like the Community Templates in Book Brush. These are pre-designed templates for ads take the guess work out of ad design. You simply select an image, insert your book cover, edit text if there is a text box and download.

You can filter by several categories such as genre and ad size. Here are a few examples of FB ad sized templates:

Fun Graphic Option 3 – Community Templates

Fun Graphic Option #4 – Video Creator

The Video Creator is another pretty fun feature in Book Brush because it allows you to play around with video effects. Movement catches the eye and what a great way to draw readers to your graphic.

You can either place your book in the center of a video effect or add a video effect to an image that you created. The sky is the limit because you can search for any video effect that you want and see how it looks before you download it! I have created some really stellar graphics with flames, smoke, wind and many more.

Fun Graphic Option #5 – Instant Mockups

This is Book Brush’s newest addition and it is possibly the biggest time saver of all (and still fun, too!). There are over 200 professional, real-life graphic images ready and available to feature your book. You select the ones that you would like – or all of them if you want – click convert and within moments, you have a file containing all of these images.

Here are some examples of what’s available in Instant Mockups:

Fun Graphic Option 5 – Instant Mockups

Book Brush provides a fun platform that’s easy to use and the graphics that you can create with it are pretty amazing!

Want To Get In On The Graphic Fun?

Book Brush offers a Limited Plan where you can test out a selection of book templates, stamps and fonts and it is completely free to create three images per month. Sign up for your free Book Brush account today!

If you decide you want access to all of the fun features, the flexibility and creative options, you can upgrade to the Plus Plan. With the Plus Plan you can create and download an unlimited number of images and enjoy access to more book templates, more stamps, more fonts along with the Video Creator and Instant Mockups!

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, too, so why not play around with all of the functionality before making a final decision? Have fun!

Thank you to our sponsor, Book Brush, for this post!