How to Find Book Reviewers OnlineMost book reviews in major publications focus on fiction so it’s harder to find sources willing to review nonfiction. However, here’s a little trick that has worked for me:

Create a Google Alert with the keywords “book review” + <genre>. So yours might be “book review” memoir or “book review” health. Note that “book review” is in quotes to ensure the exact phrase is found.

You will begin receiving alerts with links to book reviews on news sites and blogs. Then, view the review links, verify that the site is credible and generates some decent traffic, and make note of the reporter. And of course this strategy will work with a basic Google search as well, though an Alert will keep you informed of current book review listings.

Once you locate reviews, look for editorial contact information so that you can reach out to the reporter directly or the editor who covers the appropriate news section. Send a note asking if they would like a review copy of your book along with a brief overview of what it is about.

By the way, major magazines want to review books months in advance of the book’s release, and most newspapers will want to review the book as soon as it is available.

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