One of the best ways to attract readers to buy your books is to implement content marketing into your promotion efforts. This means that you develop content that appeals to the needs, challenges, and interests of your target readers.

I recommend authors implement at least one of these foundational content strategies:

  • Blog
  • Podcast
  • Video

The goal here is to create frequent, consistent content to attract readers who will then learn about your book(s). In addition, you can share content through one or more social media networks, build email lists and campaigns, and speak at events that your readers attend.

All these content strategies can be highly effective, provided you are clear about who makes up your target audience and what needs, challenges, and interests they have. In order to learn about their interests, you can use the questions within Google search for insight.

How to Locate Content Ideas with Questions in Google Search

1) Go to Google and type in a topic. For example, if you write about weight loss, type in “weight loss” and click to search.

2) Scroll down to the section called People Also Ask. You will see a few questions there.

3) Click on the down arrow for each question to expand it.

4) Click the up arrow to close the answer.

5) Each time you expand and contract questions, more questions are added to the initial list.

6) Keep opening and closing questions until you have 30+ questions, then make a list of the questions. You now have a list of the most popular questions your audience has related to the topic you searched. This is marketing gold because you can produce content to address those questions, whether through your blog posts, podcast episodes, videos, social media content, speaking engagement topics, or a combination of these strategies. The questions can even be converted into titles for your content.

You should repeat this exercise with other keyword phrases related to your audience. Someone writing about weight loss could also go to Google and type any of the following topics:

  • Weight loss for teens
  • Weight loss menopause
  • Workout tips
  • Diet options
  • Low carb diet
  • High protein diet

Here is what the questions look like for “weight loss menopause”:

Remember, expand and contract the questions to prompt Google to reveal more questions. Then make your list and go create content that attracts and engages your audience!

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