Technological advancement has led to a significant improvement in diverse fields, and book writing and publishing is one of them. Such improvement in technology has created better ways of doing things.Kara Erhart For example, content writing and marketing has become an important tool for writers and authors in creating awareness of their books. Having a successful book is a process. After you have written any book, you will need to get people to read it and content marketing is just the right way to achieve that. It presents you with various approaches that you can use to attract a large audience to read your book. For example, writing a critique of a novel you have written can give your readers an overview of what the novel entails. Additionally, you can invest in article reviews and blog posts to create public awareness of your book. However, it is advisable to ensure that you understand what content marketing involves to do it correctly. This article offers a comprehensive guide on how to market your book using content marketing in six steps.

Importance of getting it right

Understanding what content market is forms the number one step to making the most out of it. Content marketing refers to a strategic marketing approach that involves the creation of great content, and publishing it on online platforms to spread awareness about a product or service. With so many free online materials available nowadays, it is possible that your book can fail to attract the necessary attention. Appropriate content marketing can make your book stand out. Creating entertaining, as well as informative content dedicated to your writing can help in attracting the right people to read it. You will need to establish the target audience, identify their needs, write some audience-targeted content, and share it over the right online platforms. For successful content marketing, it is advisable to seek help from qualified content developers with experience creating content that attracts and engages the right traffic.

Six steps to follow

Content marketing is an effective way to spread information about your book on various online platforms more easily, faster, and cheaper. In spite of this, effective content marketing requires careful planning and execution. Here are six steps that can help you market your book and reach a large audience with ease.

1. Come up with achievable goals

What do you want to achieve when marketing? Irrespective of what you want, it is important to consider the interests and needs of readers. Is there any value you will be giving them with your content? Understanding your goals gives you the ideal platform to create an impactful content marketing strategy. Set up goals that are measurable, achievable, realistic, and achievable within a given timeline. In addition, make sure that you review the goals occasionally to ascertain whether you are making any progress.

2. Carry out keywords search

Content marketing is all about the use of the right keywords. Choose keywords that align with your book’s topics. However, before you settle on a given keyword, ensure that you establish the number of people looking for such terms in the search bar. Use an appropriate keyword search tool such as the Keyword planner tool from Google to establish the popularity of a given topic and choose the best performing keywords. Usually, the best keywords to use for your content marketing are those that have the highest searches in a month.

3. Use your keywords to write the articles

Now that you have established the appropriate keywords according to your book’s topic, the next step is to write promotional but informative articles using the keywords. Ensure that the meta description, the URL, and the title of the article have all necessary keywords. The headline of your article should be very interesting so that it draws people to click it. Before you post any article anywhere, evaluate whether the title can make you click on the article, or even read it. If it does not attract you to read the contents of the article, consider revising its title.

4. Share widely across different online platforms

Writing a keyword-based article is not the end of your content marketing. You will need to share it widely. There is an increasing number of internet users nowadays. Both buyers and sellers are turning to the online route, which makes it an important platform to market your book. Share your article on various social media platforms such as Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can start sharing the article with your friends and family members, before sharing it across different media as this gives you first visitors. Do not forget to ask them to share with their friends and family members.

5. Get backlinks from other sites

The usefulness of your subject to your readers makes it rank high in different search engines. The quality of information in the title of your article, meta description, and its URL matters most when it comes to how Google indexes content. Another important aspect of getting better rankings is to get links from other sites. Such links are referred to as backlinks. Use online influencers and book bloggers to help in writing a critique of your book, or even sharing the written content online. It is a significant way to get to share get backlinks. You can opt to post your article on different online forums to get backlinks, as well.

6. Evaluate the performance of your article online

How is your article performing in comparison to similar ones online? You do not just write the content and let it stay –you need to look at the performance online. Such evaluation will help you improve your next article’s ranking. Focus on the performance of your keyword and establish how it ranks on Google. Google analytics is another tool that can help you establish the performance of your article online. Is it getting enough traffic? If not, perhaps you need to work on your keywords and the quality of your content. The amount of traffic your article gets is a reflection of your potential book sales. High quality and original content will help your article rank high in search engines, as well as get more page views.

Writing a book can be exciting but marketing is the bulk of everything. If you do not market to the right audience, you will end up with few or no sales at all. However, investing in content marketing can help you garner the sales you want. In spite of this, successful content marketing requires you to plan carefully and have executable strategies. Make solid goals and ensure you invest heavily in research. Use strong keywords and work closely with influencers, book bloggers and article review writers if you want to get your book into the hands of your target audience.

Author Bio:

Kara Erhart is a professional team building coach, ethics teacher and content marketer with 5 years of experience. Also, she works as a website analyst for Bid4Papers . Follow her on Twitter.

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