How to Publish an Ebook - Booked UpEbooks have been exploding in recent years. In 2011, Amazon announced that Kindle books were outselling all books on the site. Astounding! To take advantage of this huge growth curve, authors should convert printed books into ebooks.

To get on the ebook gravy train, set up an Amazon Digital Text Platform account ( and distribute a Kindle version of your book. Also, submit your manuscript to This handy service will convert your work into nine different ebook formats and make them available to Barnes and Noble Nook, iPhone and iPad, and many other outlets. With the combination of Amazon and Smashwords, you can cover the major ebook outlets and have immediate access to sales statistics, while reaching a growing network of readers.

Also note that if you’re going to write a book or an ebook, in most cases you should make it available in both formats: print and ebook. The reading market is still divided and will be for some time. Don’t miss out on readers by simply publishing one or the other—produce both!

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