Holiday marketing is already well underway, but it’s not too late to put into place some simple ways to boost your book sales over the holidays, particularly if you’ve got your books on Amazon.

Amazon OWNS the holiday sales season.

How to Quickly Boost Your Holiday Book Sales by Tina Dietz

Everyone is in a buying mood from about the beginning of November through the beginning of January, so it’s the perfect time to piggyback on that trend and sell more of your books.

Here’s a quick timeline to guide your holiday marketing.

Early November to Thanksgiving

  • Emphasize in your social media and emails that books make wonderful gifts and shopping early saves time and stress
  • Offer pre-holiday book bundles if you have more than one book
  • Collaborate with other author friends and all offer discounts on your book on the same day(s) – send out an email and social media posts all on the same day to promote each other’s books.

Black Friday through Cyber Monday

  • Everyone is going to Amazon to shop, so remind people they can add on your book to their order and perhaps offer your book at a discount
  • Run ads in book deals newsletters that go out in this time frame

Early to Mid-December

  • Offer a discount to colleagues/contacts who have teams and/or employees to buy your book(s) in bulk to go with their holiday gift giving.
  • Donate a box of your books to a charity or not for profit that would benefit, and create a PR/photo opportunity to promote both you and the charity
  • Suggest to colleagues that putting a gift card or bonus check inside of a book instead of just a card is a cool and classy option for team members or clients.

December 20-24

  • Remind people that ebooks require no shipping
  • Use language that talks about last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers

January 1-7

  • People want to spend those gift cards they got over the holidays AND they are looking to set their goals for the New Year – suggest that they invest in themselves by buying your book
  • Offer your book as a gift/bonus for those people who schedule discovery calls with you for your programs and services
  • Create a free book club around your book to start the new year off and do a series of 4 free calls going through what you’re teaching in the book – simply require that participants prove purchase of the book buy sending you a picture of them with the book (pssst- get permission and use those pics in your marketing later!)

Do you need to do ALL of these? No, but you may be tempted to! Choose one that feels most free and easy to you, and simply take action on getting that one thing done. Then, do another!

Which one of these will you use to sell more books?

Feel free to tweet Tina your answer at @TheSuperStarter on Twitter.

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