How to Revise and Sharpen Your Book Promo Content Youtube VideoCasey Demchak

Your opinion about eating cake may be different from mine.

For me, the only reason to eat cake… is the icing. Without it, cake is pretty humdrum and boring.

I feel the same way about book marketing copy. It needs icing.

And the icing on your book marketing copy are the final steps you take to give it the polish it needs to grab and engage book buyers.

In my upcoming on-demand program, Bestseller Book Marketing Copy, I include a bonus training on how to revise and sharpen your promotion materials.

In other words, I teach you how to put the icing on your marketing copy cake.

In this week’s video… I take you inside this bonus training and give you some really cool tips on how to give your marketing copy the professional edge it needs to stand out.

After all, you don’t want your marketing copy to be humdrum and dry… like cake without icing.

Until next time, take a lot of action… and make things happen.


Casey Demchak is an award-winning copywriter and a recognized expert at writing persuasive marketing materials for dozens of authors who have achieved Amazon bestseller and international bestseller status. He is also a copywriter for Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula team. You can download Casey’s e-book, 7 Must-Know Copywriting Secrets that Sell More Books at