A memoir can be tricky to write–especially if you want to write a commercially viable memoir. A commercially viable memoir isn’t a junk drawer of all your life’s experiences. Nor is it your family story.A commercially viable memoir is written for mass consumption. That means your writing must grip the reader from beginning to end, like a riveting novel. And this demands mastery of several writing techniques.Join guest speakers Dave and Melissa of JourneySixty6. From this workshop, you will come away with a better understanding of:

*The differences between a legacy memoir and commercially viable memoir;

*What a “meta” idea is and why you need a meta idea to drive your memoir;

*Why you need to be vulnerable and what vulnerability looks like; and

*How to use fiction storytelling techniques to pull your reader through from beginning to end.

About the Speakers: Journey Sixty6 is an editorial services company and publisher for nonfiction and memoir writers. It was co-founded by Dave Goetz and Melissa Parks. Dave is a former magazine and book editor, and author of three books including Death by Suburb: How to Keep the Suburbs from Killing Your Soul. Dave has coached hundreds of writers and served as editor for books in the area of philanthropy, leadership, spirituality and religion, legacy memoirs, and business. Melissa has 25 years of magazine and digital publishing experience. She has ghostwritten hundreds of articles and books and coached numerous authors on their book writing journeys. Having developed a large IG following around her passion for vintage living, Melissa is an Instagram expert. She is also a contributor to numerous national shelter magazines.

This free webinar event is hosted by the Nonfiction Authors Association, in partnership with our sponsor, Journey Sixty6.

You can download a PDF copy of the slides here.

You can download a bonus worksheet: How to Structure Your Memoir.

Enjoy the replay!

WEBINAR REPLAY - how to write a commercially viable memoir