How to Write an Interactive Bio Youtube VideoHow to Write a New School First-Person Author Bio That Reveals the Real YOU by Casey Demchak

I’ve never been a big science fiction fan… but I am right now.

That’s because I’m planning a move from Denver to the Western slope of Colorado – and I wish I could just step into some jazzy teleportation silo and go!

But I can’t. Instead, I’ll have to pack boxes, hire movers, and do a bunch of other odds and ends.

That will all happen in a few months. For now, I’m in the decluttering stage. That means I’m throwing out a bunch of stuff, so my move will be easier.

But I’m sure it will still be a hassle that makes me grumble and cuss… and laugh a little too.

However, for now… I’m decluttering. What’s interesting is that everything I’m tossing out used to be new, hip, stylish and current. But now it’s being chucked or recycled.

What does this have to do with book marketing?

Well, sometimes certain marketing strategies and tactics that used to be current… need to be chucked and replaced with something new.

One thing that’s definitely grown stale is the old-school (and often super boring) third-person “professional” author bio.

Today, your readers want to know the real YOU. Your ups, your downs, your good, your bad, and your ugly.

And your audience wants to know how they can reach out and interact with you.

This is why you need a “new-school” interactive first-person author bio. Instead of that stilted old “professional bio” that rattles off your credentials, you need a first-person bio that…

  • Shares your story
  • Reveals the real you
  • Takes people on a journey
  • Tells readers how to reach you

To get some cool insights on how to write a dynamic first-person bio like this… all you have to do is check out this week’s book marketing training video.

Until next time, take a lot of action… and make things happen.


Casey Demchak is an award-winning copywriter and a recognized expert at writing persuasive marketing materials for dozens of authors who have achieved Amazon bestseller and international bestseller status. He is also a copywriter for Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula team. You can download Casey’s e-book, 7 Must-Know Copywriting Secrets that Sell More Books at

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