A press release should be brief—one or two pages max—yet include enough details that a reporter could write a short article based solely on the information provided.How to Write a Press Release

  • Read several sample press releases before writing yours so you understand the proper format. Some good sources for locating professional releases are www.BusinessWire.com and www.PRNewswire.com.
  • Start with a proper heading that includes your contact information. When listing phone numbers, indicate a day and evening number (reporters may call at odd hours) or simply list your cell phone number. You do NOT want to miss these calls so make it as easy as possible to reach you.
  • Give the release an enticing title that captures the reader’s interest in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Double space the body of your release for easy reading.
  • The first paragraph should include the basics of who, what, where, when and why. You should lay the foundation and include your hook immediately. Remember that you want to engage your audience and prompt a response from the media.
  • Use testimonials you have received for the book or excerpts from book reviews. As awkward as it may be, you may also want to quote yourself and write the release as if someone else has written it for you.
  • Close with a brief summary of the book including publisher details, ISBN number, price, and where to purchase a copy.

Press Release Outline


Business Name
Contact Person


Date – City, State – Lead paragraph including summary of who, what, where, and when. Body of press release should include three-to-six paragraphs. Include quotes from yourself or others (make sure to get their permission). Write the content as if it were an article you were reading in a magazine. Don’t forget to double-space the text.

Paragraph Two

Paragraph Three

Paragraph Four

Paragraph Five

About the Company:

Include brief overview of company, such as the date founded and the mission of the business.

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