Important Questions to Consider When Building Your Book Marketing PlanAs you go through the process of building your marketing plan, take time to answer the following questions.

Who is my ideal target audience? (Age, gender, occupation, location, income level, and other distinguishing factors.)

What are the biggest challenges for my audience?

How can I help with each of those challenges? (Whether with my book or with marketing efforts like blogging, professional speaking, etc.)

Where does my target audience spend their time? (List trade associations, groups, publications they read, websites they visit, events they attend, and any other ways you can reach them.)

What do I hope readers will take away from my book?

Describe my book in THREE sentences:

Describe my book in ONE sentence:

What marketing tactics have worked well so far? (Hint: Do more of those.)

What marketing tactics haven’t worked?

How solid is my social media presence?

What are the top three to five products or services that my readers ask for that I don’t yet offer?

How could I offer those products/services? (Create them myself, refer to others, etc.)

Rate my website on a scale from 1 to 10.

What improvements should be made to the site?

Is it time for a site redesign?

Does the site have a call to action on the book sales page?

Is it optimized for the search engines?

Does it include a blog that is updated a minimum of once per week?

What is my sales goal for the book for the year?

What are some ways I can use my book to generate more revenues or business opportunities?

What is my marketing budget for the year?

What are my top goals for the business in the coming year?

What steps do I need to take to reach those goals?

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