Richard Bender

Richard Bender

Name: Richard W. Bender

Book Title: Bountiful Bonsai

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What is your book about? Creating and growing indoor bonsai that bear an edible crop.

What inspired you to write your book?

I had a wholesale bonsai nursery for more than 20 years, selling in 24 states, specializing in indoor bonsai with a preference for varieties that flowered and/or had edible fruit, flowers or foliage.

Can you describe your writing process?  

I work at the desk in my home office, with a hotplate to keep my coffee mug hot and usually news on the television as a background. 

Bountiful Bonsai

Bountiful Bonsai

How did you come to do what you’re doing today?

I got married 2 ½ years ago and retired my nursery business to write full time.

Can you describe a typical day in your life?

My office is in my home. I get up, grab a cup of coffee, and work on my morning email and social media before starting to write.

What do you most enjoy about what you do?

Working at home. I travel often for pleasure and learning, rather than traveling extensively, working long hours to sell my bonsai.

Are there any people and/or books that have inspired you along your journey?

I read about 100 books a year, too many to list here. I was inspired by a high school teacher/mentor, time I spent with Timothy Leary, and especially my incredible wife, who is a life coach with clients across the country and around the world. 

Can you share something that people may be surprised to learn about you?

I am also a musician and have been a winemaker for more than 30 years.

What’s next for you? I’m currently writing a winemaking book for Story Publishing about the 142 different wines I’ve created (from only 4 grapes).

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I write nonfiction about the things I do, because the things I do are wilder and more interesting than anything I can make up.