Introducing Local Chapter Leader Karlene Sinclair-Robinson of Washington DC

Karlene Robinson

Karlene Robinson

Name:             Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

Business Name:  KSR Solutions, LLC

Website URL:

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Book Title:  Spank The Bank: The Guide to Alternative Business Financing

NFAA Chapter Location:     Washington, DC Metro Area

NFAA Meetup Group Link:

Washington DC Chapter – Nonfiction Authors Association

Springfield, VA
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Welcome to the Washington DC chapter of The Nonfiction Authors Association, a national community with over 10,000 experienced and aspiring writers of business, self-developmen…

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Tell us a bit about you. What kinds of writing do you do and what do you do for work?

I’m an entrepreneurial educator, business consultant and coach. I specialize in small business development and financing strategies for success. I’m considered an ‘Alternative Financing and Small Business Expert’. I have published business books and will continue to do so. I will also be publishing other non-fiction books that I believe will help my readers.

What are your publishing-related goals?

My publishing-related goals include completing at least five (5) non-fiction books in the next 2-3 years.

What motivated you to want to run a local chapter for NFAA and what do you hope to accomplish with your chapter?

First motivation for getting involved with NFAA is helping others in need. I see where having this chapter in our area can help many business owners and other non-fiction authors learn and develop the necessary skills they to boost their books’ status, revenue, and expertise.

Second motivation for getting involved with NFAA is my wanting to help Stephanie Chandler grow something that I consider to be of value to so many individuals. This association is not just about Stephanie but about her heart and wanting to help others.

What I hope to accomplish with our Washington-DC Area chapter primarily is to help our members grow as successfully published and recognized authors in their field. I hope to help the chapter build strong alliances and become a vital source for those in need of our support.

What advice would you offer to fellow writers?

Be persistent, focused and learn to prioritize so the hard work can pay off financially. It is important to consistently do something that will build the dream of becoming a bestselling author, gain exposure, and build one’s expertise.

Please list any favorite books, tools, or resources you would recommend for fellow writers.

Favorite books:

The Go-Giver – Bob Burg & John David Mann

Tools/Resources: (Social media/Time Management)

What do you do for fun?

For fun I like to hang out with my kids/family. Whether we’re bowling, playing basketball, tennis or playing board games, having family fun time is important to me. We also love to watch SharkTank and America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I’m passionate about the things I get involved in. I love animals, especially my pet dog. I love to cook for large groups of individuals. I also like to read and I’m from sunny, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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