Kate FrankName:

Kate Frank

Business Name:

Kate Writes Right and Collaborative Ghostwriter

Website URL:

http://KateWritesRight.com for business; http://CollaborativeGhostwriter.com for people to access my free eBook; and http://PassionForImperfection.com for my personal philosophy

Social Media Links: https://www.facebook.com/kathi.frank; www.linkedin.com/in/ghostwritingkate

Book Title: Free eBook title: “Untold Secrets of Business Book Authors”

NFAA Chapter Location: Houston

NFAA Meetup Group Link: https://www.meetup.com/Houston-Chapter-Nonfiction-Authors-Association/

Tell us a bit about you. What kinds of writing do you do and what do you do for work?

As far back as I can remember people have come to me for help expressing their thought and ideas clearly.  It seems I have a knack for accessing the thoughts of others and getting the message down to a clear, concise set of words.  This ability has kept me in some sort of marketing work for most of my life.

At 60 years old, I became extremely dissatisfied with the real estate industry where I spent decades serving clients.  I entered the business of writing digital marketing content for small companies.  It felt good to help individuals and small businesses get the attention they needed and see them published in some of the most prestigious online magazines.

However, my main focus, beginning mid-2016, is translating the brilliance of thought leaders into a book.  Book authors are generally much more intelligent and insightful than their average reader.  Without help from someone like me, the book sales numbers can be dismal because they are “talking above the heads” of their reader.  My intimate knowledge of the impatient, internet-enabled reader allows me to untangle the complex thoughts of the exceptional book author.  When I work with them to distill their thoughts into a book, the content engages the reader and makes them a fan of the author.

Working from complete manuscripts or from nothing written at all, the author is able to get their legacy book written, published and out into the world to make a difference in the lives of others.  I offer a free consultation and a demonstration sample of how I work using the author’s content.  That way, the author can feel confident my collaboration is a match for their goals.

What are your publishing-related goals?

I am a collaborator and ghostwriter for highly-valuable thought leaders and authors.

Why motivated you to want to run a local chapter for NFAA and what do you hope to accomplish with your chapter?

Nonfiction writing can be a very isolating life experience.  We all need a community of like-minded people.  Investing time into a group of people who have ideas to share and publishing goals to accomplish is well worth my efforts.

What advice would you offer to fellow writers?

Don’t think you can do it all yourself.  The truth is, you can…but it won’t be the quality product you envision.  Enroll the help of an affiliated team of pros who will work hard to make your work a success.

Please list any favorite books, tools, or resources you would recommend for fellow writers.

With today’s reader, it is important to learn what marketing copywriters do best.  So, my favorite tools and books are related to reaching the audience.  Download the Flesch-Kincaid readability tool and use it with everything you write.  Get a copy of Words that Sell, by Rick Bayan to increase your vocabulary of powerful language.   Seek out other books like The Language of Trust by Michael Maslansky to understand what is required by today’s reader.

What do you do for fun?  I volunteer at multiple cultural venues like our world-renown Alley Theatre in Houston.  I also volunteer at an urban organic garden.  Pulling weeds is therapy for me.

Is there anything else you would like to add?  Your book is an important representation of your ideas, thoughts and legacy.  Don’t give it anything but your best and never procrastinate something this important.  If the book was put in your heart and head, it is meant to be put out into the world.  Get the help you need to become a popular, successful book author.