Sandee HemphillName:  Sandee L. Hemphill

Business Name:   Work Your Book

Website URL:

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Book Titles:

Publish Your First Book Now
Jumpstart Your Author Platform
Boost Your Holiday Book Sales
Seeking Through Soaking
Divine Appointments (getting new cover)

NFAA Chapter Location:       Columbus, Ohio

NFAA Meetup Group Link:

Tell us a bit about you. What kinds of writing do you do and what do you do for work?

Life has provided me with many hats. Today I wear that of an author/publisher/speaker. It combines my love of communicating with that of teaching. My work consists of publishing and coaching authors.

My book subjects are two-fold. One is geared towards authors with an emphasis on book marketing and info products created from the book content. The other is Christian non-fiction.

What are your publishing-related goals?

My goals are to expand my publishing into webinars, teleseminars and related book marketing products and services.

Why motivated you to want to run a local chapter for NFAA and what do you hope to accomplish with your chapter?

It is my hope to get other non-fiction authors to have a central hub to dialogue and learn of the many facets of publishing. I hope this chapter continues to grow and attract the publishing talent in our local region.

What advice would you offer to fellow writers?

Here are two suggestions: 1) Don’t stop writing, even when you don’t think what you are producing is great. And 2) No author is an island! Get connected to other authors locally and online.

Please list any favorite books, tools, or resources you would recommend for fellow writers.
Key tool: Evernote (especially the web clipping feature)

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy jigsaw puzzles (online and physical) and British mysteries, especially the audio book versions. I also volunteer as an usher for our local theater groups (8 theaters) and volunteer other local events (annual marathon, holiday events, women’s homeless shelter, etc.).

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