Who is my target audience?Key Questions to Answer Before You Write Your Next Book

Too many authors write a book just for the sake of writing it, but forget to consider potential readers. Before you write a single paragraph, first determine who you want to read your book and why they would want to read it. Having a clearly defined audience will help you write content that directly appeals to readers, and it will also shape your marketing plans.

How will I reach my target audience?

If you want your book sales to soar, start thinking about your marketing strategy well before your book is in print. That means building an audience via a blog and social media, as well as identifying other ways you can reach potential readers. For example, you could locate trade associations and groups where your readers spend their time and find out how to get involved, contribute content for their newsletters, or invest in advertising. You could start speaking to large groups or conduct media tours. Now is the time to start building your plan.

What will my book offer that is different than the rest?

Simply rewriting a book that has already been written won’t get you very far. Your book needs its own unique perspective—something to set it apart from the competition. If you don’t yet know the answer to this, do some competitive research. Study the top six to ten competing titles and figure out how yours is going to be different.

How does this book fit into my long-term goals?

It’s one thing to write a book for the passion of it; but it’s another thing all together to write a book that fits into the bigger picture for your life. Will the book help you expand your business? Is it a logical fit for your existing revenue streams? If it’s an entirely new topic, consider whether you have the time and resources to devote to not only the production of the book, but the marketing as well.

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