Call for Local Chapter Leaders

Local Chapter Meetings - Nonfiction Authors AssociationSince launching in 2013, the Nonfiction Authors Association (NFAA) has grown to over 13,000 members—many who had been asking for local chapter meetings. As a result, we launched our first two pilot chapters in East San Francisco Bay Area, CA, and Sacramento, CA in March 2015. Since then, we have launched chapters in cities all across the U.S. and Canada!

NFAA is actively seeking bright, charismatic and motivated leaders to organize and host monthly local chapter meetings.

Benefits for Chapter Leaders:

  • Visibility within your local writing community.
  • National recognition as a chapter leader for the Nonfiction Authors Association.
  • Ability to promote your business as a local chapter sponsor (if applicable).
  • Authority membership in NFAA included.
  • Platinum access to the annual Nonfiction Writers Conference included.
  • Occasional benefits and perks which can include access to training, events, products or services.

Chapter Leader Responsibilities:

  • Locate suitable meeting space.
  • Find local speakers with topics relevant to the NFAA mission.
  • Promote and host monthly meetings following NFAA event guidelines.
  • Collect and report event fees and conduct meetings within chapter budget.
  • Maintain event management details on your chapter’s site (all chapters are hosted via
  • Bring energy and enthusiasm to each event.
  • Stay connected with NFAA home office as needed for training and collaboration, and to ensure successful events and chapter growth.

Chapter leaders do not need to be published authors or publishing industry professionals. We are most interested in leaders who are charismatic, motivated, organized, and who have a strong desire to support writers in your local community. Please note that chapter leaders join us on a volunteer basis. In exchange we offer several benefits for leaders, but this is not a job.

Time Commitment

Being a chapter leader should NOT require a tremendous time commitment on your part. Though there will be some time involved in getting your chapter set up initially (tasks include finding meeting space, locating speakers, announcing your events via, promoting your group locally, reading the Chapter Leader Handbook, attending one or two conference calls with NFAA HQ, and preparing for your first meeting), we expect that on an ongoing basis this role should require no more than a few hours of your time each month (and probably less once you get processes in place!).

For more behind-the-scenes information, here’s a great blog post from Dallas chapter leader Blake Atwood about his experience getting his chapter launched.

Listen to Our Recording

To learn more about our local chapters and expectations of our chapter leaders, please listen to this teleseminar replay.

Apply to Be a Chapter Leader

If the above terms are agreeable for you, please follow the link below and complete the application. We are actively seeking chapter leaders and will respond to your application as quickly as possible.

All Applicants will be interviewed by the NFAA National Chapter Director, Renee Settle via Zoom or phone call.

Keep in mind that our chapter leaders also have the opportunity to provide input and ideas to help us make our local chapters across the globe as successful as possible! If you’re thinking about joining us, we would love to speak with you!

Go to the Chapter Leader Application

See a Directory of Local Chapters here

The NFAA has, without a doubt, been the best thing that has happened to my career in the publishing industry. I started out with the free membership, then became a chapter leader and Authority level member. The value I receive from local engagement and exposure to nationally known authors and industry leaders through teleseminars, blog posts, and the annual writers teleconference is immeasurable.

Application of the information provided has given me traction as an author and as a business person. There’s no need to sift through the internet for the information I need because the resources available to NFAA members is comprehensive.

Stephanie Chandler has created something that truly stands apart. Her passion to educate and create community is evident in everything she does.

I’m very proud to be associated with an organization that serves and values every level of nonfiction writer and authorpreneur.”

– Cristen Iris, former National Chapter Director,