Make Your Business Card a BrochureWhy Have a Card?

*A business card shows you’re professional.

* It tells people what you want them to know that you can’t expect them to remember.

* A card is a tangible, positive reminder of your encounter.

* Your card is a marketing tool that will help sell you and your products and services.

* It provides those who receive your card a lasting way to share the information.

Include your:

  • Name
  • Address (optional)
  • Contact info including: phone number(s), fax number, email address, website, social media addresses
  • Book title(s) and cover(s)

Make sure your cover reads as well as a thumbnail as it does full size (and as well in black and white as it does in color).

  • Order info (optional)
  • Other products and services
  • Photo (if it will help)
  • Logo and tagline (optional)

Your business card will build your brand, if you are consistent in how you use color, design, typeface, and illustrations in all your communications, so they convey who you are as a writer, what your books offer, and how you add value to readers’ lives.

  • Gift (optional)

            Offering something of value for free that costs you nothing:

* Helps build your relationship

* Gives people a reason to visit your blog or site

* Gives you the chance to build your mailing list

Need more space? Double the size of your card. If you provide the info vertically, it’s a bookmark. Folded in half, it’s a business card. Make your card as long as you wish.

3 Ways to make your card memorable: text, color, card stock, design, humor, illustration, size. Hire a graphic designer. Get knowledgeable feedback on the design.

A digital bonus: Use the same info for your email signature.

Author Info:

Mike Larsen / Author, Author Coach /

Co-director, San Francisco Writers Conference:  A Celebration of Craft, Commerce & Community /

San Francisco Writing for Change Conference: Writing to Make a Difference /

1029 Jones Street / San Francisco, 94109 / 415-673-0939