If you’re looking for data about an industry or you want to follow current trends, following are some resources to use.Market Research Resources

Trendwatching.com – Provides monthly reports on a wide variety of consumer trends.

Wikipedia – The user-generated online encyclopedia may provide some details and stats for specific industries or keyword phrases. Beware, since this is user-generated and data isn’t always completely accurate; however, sources are often listed and you may find links to additional research data.

Forrester.com – Provides consumer and business data with technology, IT, and marketing categories.

Census Quickfacts — Find consumer census data by region including state, county, or city.

InfoUSA.com – Sells mailing lists, though you can use its search functionality to get insight into the size of your target market.

Marketresearch.com — Database of market research reports (fee-based).

Marketingresearch.org — Provides market research data and a directory of certified research professionals so that you can find and hire help for conducting market research.

Scip.org — Association of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals, where you can find firms to hire for assistance.

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