MEDIA LEADS FOR AUTHORS 2022Media Leads for Authors is an exclusive weekly email round-up of media opportunities, available only to subscribing Authority and VIP members of the Nonfiction Authors Association.

Our team actively reaches out to podcast hosts, bloggers, and other media outlets inquiring about available opportunities for our author community. We also receive media inquiries and calls for guests, as well as scour the internet and social media for media requests. The goal is to bring you as many vetted media opportunities as possible so that you can send pitches to media outlets seeking guest contributors. These opportunities can include:

  • Podcast shows seeking guests
  • Traditional radio shows
  • Guest blog post opportunities
  • Blogs that feature book excerpts
  • Blogs that offer nonfiction book reviews
  • Print publications seeking article submissions (industry magazines, newspapers)

How it Works – Media Leads for Authors

  1. Every Friday, Authority and VIP members of the Nonfiction Authors Association receive an exclusive email with a round-up of media lead opportunities for the week.
  2. Each opportunity includes information about the media outlet, its target audience, and submission guidelines.
  3. You can review the opportunities each week and choose to respond directly to those that match your audience and expertise. Contact information is included with each listing.
  4. These listings are for ongoing needs for expert contributors, NOT one-time only leads with thousands of people competing for the opportunity.

View a sample email here.

How to Participate in Media Leads for Authors

  1. The Media Leads for Authors email round-up is available exclusively to Authority and VIP members of the Nonfiction Authors Association, so make sure your membership is up to date. (Not a member yet? Join us!)
  2. Peruse the Media Leads for Authors round-up email each week and follow the submission guidelines for any you’re interested in.
  3. Let us know when you’ve received a media opportunity from one of our postings. We want to feature your success stories in our blog! Submit your success story here.

Member Feedback

“Thank you for providing the weekly podcast opportunity list. What an awesome membership perk! I just scheduled my second podcast interview and my first podcast appearance went live last week.”
– Mari L. McCarthy, author of Heal Yourself with Journaling Power,

“I sent an email query to Rick Tocquigny at Life Lessons after reading your first Media list, connecting my book, Your Personal Renaissance, with his focus on mentoring. I also offered to send him a copy of the book, asking for his address. Last week, he read my book and today I had an energizing, in-depth interview. Rick had read my book over the weekend and even shared it with friends over dinner. It’s too early to tell if the interview generated book sales or website traffic, but the experience was a joy and he invited me back for another interview this Fall. Thanks to the NFAA for this great media lead.” 
– Diane Dreher, Ph.D.,, and


How is Media Leads for Authors different from other free publicity emails?

There are indeed free media lead services that send out multiple emails per day. However, most of the listings in those emails are from media pros in need of just ONE contributor. With thousands of competitors reading and responding to those emails, including big PR firms, your chances of landing an interview or media placement opportunity are slim. And that’s after you’ve wasted a ton of time sorting through all those emails.

Our weekly email round-up primarily consists of ongoing opportunities, not one-time, time-sensitive media requests. This means that we’re actively seeking out podcasters, bloggers, editors, and producers who want to receive your pitches, and who have many opportunities for authors to contribute, not just a single opportunity on a specific day. We think our program is pretty special and unique!

Can I subscribe to the weekly emails directly or do I have to join NFAA?

The weekly Media Leads for Authors emails are only available to subscribing Authority and VIP members of the Nonfiction Authors Association. However, once you see our extensive list of benefits–in addition to these publicity leads–you’ll see why membership is a popular option for nonfiction writers.
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How often can I expect to land a media opportunity?

The answer to this varies greatly. It depends on how many relevant pitches you submit and how well you follow submission guidelines. It also depends on the professionalism in your pitch, your eye-catching book cover, and your professional author presence (website).

Though we cannot guarantee any results, our hope is that our authors achieve a 10% to 30% success rate with pitches sent based on relevant opportunities.

What is a “relevant opportunity”?

You shouldn’t waste your time, or a media professional’s time, by sending pitches that don’t align with their subject matter. For example, if you see a call for interviews with business book authors, don’t send a pitch for your memoir about traveling the world–unless you can make your pitch relevant to that specific media request. Sending non-relevant pitches won’t lead to opportunities.

How do I write my media pitches?

Follow the submission guidelines listed with each media opportunity. You can also learn more about crafting media pitches and locating opportunities by downloading our FREE 40-page report: DIY Publicity for Authors.

Are these opportunities archived on the NFAA site?

No, the media leads are not archived on the site. You must subscribe to the emails as an Authority or VIP member.

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Attention Media Pros

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