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Meet the Members & Their Books:

Bruce Barton, CFP® CFA is a practicing wealth manager in Silicon Valley and the owner and founder of a boutique wealth management firm. With a background in both tech and finance, he brings valuable insight into the particular challenges faced by tech professionals in managing their personal finances. Read about his book, Personal Finance for Tech Professionals.

Michele Mariscal is a speaker, skilled facilitator and grief recovery specialist. She combines her background in health, wellness, and spiritual development and healing to help individuals find greater meaning and movement forward in their life. Read about her book, Growing Through Grief – The Alchemy of Healing From Loss.

Born in Oak Park, Illinois, Dr. Thomas M. Caulfield learned the importance of earning a degree from his parents, who were raised during the Depression and had no financial ability to enter college. His first job in higher education began in 1980. In the decade following, he earned four college degrees. Read about his book, Ephphatha: Growing Up Profoundly Deaf and Not Dumb in the Hearing World.

Jennifer A. Gunn grew up in Madison, Ohio. She is prior service US Army, law enforcement and DoD. During an independent research project called The Great Sheep Expedition she met or actually didn’t meet, a dog who gave her a different perspective on life and how to reduce the stress of it. This perspective led to the writing of The Dog with Not One F*%k to Give: How to Manage Your F*%ks for a Stress-Free Life. Read about her book, The Dog with Not One F*%k to Give: How to Manage Your F*%ks for a Stress-free Life.

Healer, three-time author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required. Read about her book, Crash Landing: The Long Road Home.

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