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Meet the Members & Their Books:

Rae A. Stonehouse is a Canadian born author/speaker. Recently retired, his professional career as an RN working in psychiatry/mental health, has spanned four decades. His publications are of the self-improvement genre and offer valuable sage advice. Rae strives to have a one-to-one conversation with each of his readers. Read about his book Blow Your Own Horn! Personal Branding for Business Professionals.

Diane Dreher is the author of The Tao of Inner Peace. “The Tao Te Ching was written over 25 centuries ago as a handbook for leaders. In ancient China, to lead wisely meant to live wisely in harmony with the cycles of nature. The Tao of Inner Peace brings the timeless wisdom of the Tao to men and women today who seek greater peace of mind for themselves and new patterns of peace for our world.” Check out her full interview with the NFAA here.

Seth B. Greenwald is the author of An Engineer’s Formula for Public Speaking Excellence. “Many people have no problem walking onto a stage to share their ideas with an audience of their peers. A smaller subset can speak with ease, confidence and a compelling presence. And finally there are still fewer speakers who utilize a powerful formula consisting of five distinct elements guaranteed to move a speaker towards public speaking excellence. Are you wondering why the world’s greatest speakers have yet to discover this formula? Simple. Because it’s yet to be invented by an analytical engineer who loves to share his fresh approach to speaking in public with his tribe of writers and authors. Spoiler alert: That engineer is ME and the time is NOW.” Check out his full interview with the NFAA here.

Becky Parker Geist is the author of multiple Audiobook-related books, including Audiobook Toolkit for Authors: Your Comprehensive Guide to Recording Your Own Audiobook, and 17 Tips on Selecting a Narrator for Your Audiobook: Insider’s Guide to Choosing a Narrator You’ll Be Thrilled With! Check out her full interview with NFAA here.

Ann Chiappetta nonfiction essays have been printed in Dialogue magazine, among others. Her poems are often featured in Poesis, The Pangolin Review, the Avocet, and Magnets and Ladders. Her poetry is also included in Breath and Shadow’s 2016 debut anthology, Dozen: The Best of Breath and Shadow. Read about her book, A String of Stories: From the Heart to the Future.

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