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Meet the Members

Anna Maria Manalo

The Way Through The Woods: A Child’s Escape from the Haunted Forests of WWII Germany, Portal: A Lifetime of Paranormal Experiences, and Haunted Heirlooms are supernatural nonfiction events based on interviews. Read more about Anna and her books here.

John Rowe

Firmly Anchored in Midair, The Handbook of Wireless Site Acquisition and Permitting is a comprehensive mindset and how-to handbook about the process of developing/preparing wireless facilities a/k/a cell sites from real estate assignment to construction. Read more about John and his book here.

Rachel S. Heslin

Navigating Life: 8 Different Strategies to Guide Your Way addresses the challenges of how to create real, sustainable progress when you’re being tugged in a million different directions at once. It walks you through how to set up systems that take into account multiple areas of potential friction. Although I do explain some of the psychology behind why we do what we do, the focus is a simple, practical steps that you can do to change your life. The ebook is also available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Read more about Rachel and her books here.

Diane Riis

Midnight Pages is a workbook with creative writing practices to take the place of morning pages – a reprieve for night lovers who can’t get up to the discipline of writing at 5:00am. It’s a magic view of the night, as a place of archetypes, signs and other-worldly messengers that can be channeled through automatic writing and creative visualization. It’s making your sleeplessness not just okay, but a creative act. Read more about Diane and her book here.

Linda Spangle and Michael Spangle

Book title: Acts of Compassion: Bringing Love and Caring Back into Your Life. Linda Spangle, RN, MA is recognized nationally as a leading authority on psychological issues of weight management. A skilled teacher and life coach, Linda has been a frequent guest on radio and TV shows. She is the author of several books, including the award-winning “Life is Hard, Food is Easy.” Read more about the book, Acts of Compassion: Bringing Love and Caring Back into Your Life, here.

Linsey Knerl

Homeschool Hacks: How to Give Your Kid a Great Education Without Losing Your Job (or Your Mind), is written by Linsey Knerl, a working mother of six, who has homeschooled her own children for years, shows how any family can do it, with customized plans for every schedule, lifestyle, and educational goal. Read more about Linsey and her book here.

Mary Delia Allen

Book title: Enjoy Your Solo: How To Be Great at Being Single. Mary Delia Allen evangelizes a new era of being single known as the solo. This is time for unmarried individuals to build a one size fits one life they love. After ten years as a vacation tour leader dedicated to singles Mary Delia Allen wrote EYS to inspire singles and to educate non-singles on what solo life is today. Read more about Mary and her book here.

Veronica Jeans

Book title: Shopify Made Easy – Position Your Brand. Shopify Made Easy – Position Your Brand is a trove of knowledge aimed at saving time, avoiding stress, and sending sales through the roof. By eliminating the jargon and breaking the journey into simple steps, Jeans equips readers with the expertise to navigate any challenge. And by tapping into these easy-to-execute formulas, you’ll soon be running a brilliant system for promoting products to an enthusiastic audience. Read more about Veronica and her book here.

Christina M. Wells

Christina is a contributor to the Story Circle Network, an organization supporting women writers and asserting the importance of women’s stories. Living on Void Time and Beyond Covid are annual anthologies of prose and poetry by members of the network. Read more about Christina and her contributions and book here.

Scott R. Coplan

Book Title: The Integrator: A Change Management Framework for Agile IT and Project Success. The Integrator defines change management as the single overarching methodology integrating Agile IT and project management. It does this because all projects are about change – significant organizational and personal change. The people involved – their participation in and understanding and support of these changes – ultimately determine IT projects success or failure. In fact, while all IT projects are about change, successful projects change human behavior. Read more about Scott and his book here.

Cheryl K. Johnson

How often do you finish the workday wondering, “Really? Is this all there is?” With Cheryl K. Johnson’s playful attitude and discipline from a decade of boxing training, Box Lunch Lifestyle delivers totally doable strategies to fuel your body, reclaim your spark, and build a life that’ll make you proud. Read more about Cheryl and her book here.

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