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Diana Stout, author of Finding Your Fire & Keeping It Hot

What is your book about? Have you ever wondered how successful people find their passion? How to find your life purpose? Do you find yourself stuck, not sure how to start? Or started working toward that goal only to lose your passion and don’t know how to get it back?

This book will show you how to identify your true passion, how to light your fire, with purposeful actions, how vibrational energy affects everything you do, how to manifest positive karma, and provide helpful tips against the threat of a diminishing fire.

Read Diana’s full author interview here.

David Boroughs, author of The Extrovert’s Guide to Elevating Introverted Leaders in the Workplace: EMBRACING a culture of BELONGING

What is your book about? Introverted aspiring leaders are presented with daily challenges that the average extroverted leader never experiences but has the power to eliminate. In The Extroverts Guide, I leverage my thirty years’ experience as an introverted leader for a Fortune 500 company and provide extroverts, the people who typically are in power in today’s workplace, with insights that will help them elevate their introverted colleagues leading to more balanced leadership teams that make smarter decisions which lead to better business results. The Extrovert’s Guide highlights key issues like why belonging is the necessary next step in the introvert’s diversity and inclusion journey, the hard truth behind personality type bias and discrimination against introverts, how to empathize with introverts as an extrovert, and much more.

Read David’s full author interview here.

Joan Portman, author of Creative Healing Places: Stories of Hope, Comfort, and Inspiration

What is your book about? My book is a compilation of true stories gathered as I and many volunteers visited seriously ill patients, gifting them with handmade items of comfort. I led the Healing Environments Program at St Mary Medical Center, Langhorne, PA for over nine years

Read Joan’s full author interview here.

Gina Nelson, author of Combating Teen Anxiety Teen Parent Communication Journal

What is your book about? It’s a communication journal helping teens identify their emotions and feelings inside their body and use prompts to communicate their feelings safely with their parents. The prompts are designed to decrease defensiveness and allow parents to converse back and forth with their teen about topics that they would otherwise avoid out of discomfort.

Read Gina’s full author interview here.

Danielle Gaudette, author of Healing Tree: An Adoptee’s Story About Hurting, Healing and Letting the Light Shine Through

What is your book about? It’s a book about my adoption story, my reunion story, and the healing journey I went on in order to process my Primal Wound. It explores the inner struggle of my psyche, how I found my way back to my True Self, and it provides principles and practices of the mind/body training I used to heal, of which I am now a twenty year practitioner and trainer.

Read Danielle Gaudette’s full author interview here.

Connard Hogan, author of Once Upon a Kentucky Farm: Hope and Healing from Family Abuse, Alcoholism and Dysfunction

What is your book about? Connard seeks harmony and escape from his parents’ marital conflict over his father’s binge drinking and physical abuse of his mother. He finds respite during visits to his maternal grandparents’ Kentucky subsistence farm, where life appears peaceful. There, he experiences unconditional love from extended family members and the exuberance of large family gatherings, and gains appreciation for nature and the rhythm of the seasons. Over time, however, Connard is forced to grapple with his role in killing both domesticated and wild animals. In addition, family tragedies leave him no choice but to face issues of death and personal loss. Connard shines a light on the struggles of those living with trauma and encourages appreciation of the healing powers of unconditional love.

Read Connard’s full author interview here.

Danise Payne, author of Elbows in My Ears: My Life with Little People, Tigers, and Wardrobe Trunks

What is your book about? Elbows in My Ears uncovers a never-before-told tale of a black woman’s career in the world of traditional circus. Travel with me on a compelling journey inside the massive Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. View an all-black production called UniverSoul Big Top Circus. And witness my life as the first African American woman clown in a circus in Europe—a culture that is uncomfortable with women clowns.

Read Danise’s full author interview here.

Julia L F Goldstein, author of Beyond the Green Team: Aligning Internal and External Communication to Advance Corporate Sustainability

What is your book about? Does your workplace reflect your values? In Beyond the Green Team, award-winning author Julia L F Goldstein shows that the way you communicate sustainability, first within your company and then beyond your walls, is the essential foundation of any successful green initiative. Learn about the importance of mission and vision, strategies to build a successful green team, ways to encourage collaboration, approaches for effective external communication, and advice for avoiding common mistakes. It’s time to take your company’s sustainability journey to the next level.

Read Julia’s full book announcement here.

Katherine M. Gotthardt, M.Ed., author of Get Happier, Dammit

What is your book about? The extended version of the NFAA Silver Award winning Get Happy, Dammit, this book includes more ways to get inspired and motivated to improve quality of life. With short excerpts, quotes from writers, teachers, coaches and executives, practical exercises and inspiring poems, Get Happier, Dammit is an easy-to-read game changer.

Read Katherine’s full book announcement here.

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